All Paths Lead Om

Hiya! I am Freedom Jennings! I am an adventurer in consciousness, as well as this physical realm. I am a tarot reader, reiki practitioner, & certified crystal healer based out of Austin, TX. I thrive in nature, and I follow joy! I try to live my life as compassion in action- life as meditation. I love creating just about anything and expressing myself, via paint, crafts, photography, music, cooking... whatever is calling my name at the time! Thank you for visiting on my journey, and all of the blessings on yours!

Meditation Hack

Sometimes meditating can present SUCH a challenge for me, as was the case today. I *try* my best to tell my body, “It’s just 33 minutes… you can do ANYTHING for 33 minutes… you spend 33 minutes on social media or a ‘Friends’ episode easily!” But ALAS! Such self-talk is rarely the most successful pep […]


Energy is Currency

This is by no means a new concept, but I want to share my thoughts on it here… because they are running through my mind wanting to escape… 😂 . EVERYTHING is energy. And what you CHOOSE to spend it on is up to you. . This means if you choose to put your thoughts […]