*UPCOMING COURSE on shadow work!

“Shadow Work” is a phrase coined from psychologist Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow self, and is essentially about making the unconscious conscious. We can bring healing to our inner child & to our hidden wounds and traumas slowly, safely, and courageously when we begin to shine light upon the things we have suppressed in our hearts. Learn how to access these shadows so that you can step into your full Light and Potential by removing the roadblocks that stand in the way of you and your dreams!

Although facing the ego can be a challenge, having the tools and bravery to do so is exactly what helps us to feel joy, peace, and compassion permeating every aspect of our lives! We will be creating a safe space during the class with gentle guided meditations, as well as have an ongoing community of support.

And as we find deep joy through this work, we will be sharing some laughter and lighthearted bonding as well!

Freedom Jennings has been practicing and utilizing shadow work as a healing modality for over a decade! As a licensed Aura-Soma Practitioner, she is excited to provide each student with a self selected Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle that you will be able to use as a gentle block remover. This sacred oil blend will help to move you into the resonance you need at the soul level for clearing up things in the shadow!

In this class you will learn:

+ What shadow work is

+ How the shadows get there

+ Their function within our life for healing

+ How to use them to move past the obstacles in your life

+ How we can use this tool as a deep act of love and forgiveness for ourselves and others

+ How to use shadow work to process grief

+ How to become free of the things that have held you back

+ A chakra and subtle body cleansing meditation that you can use at home for clearing things that come up in the emotional body

This course includes:

+ 4 one hour classes

+ A one-on-one 30 minute phone session the week after the last class for a check in

+ An Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle to work with in order to facilitate gentle recalibration within your energetic system at a cellular level

+ Group support in class and through a private online group after the class through Freedom’s private Facebook community

As there is so much shifting in the collective consciousness right now, the world needs us to bring the unseen to the light so that we may all heal. The act of healing ourselves is the act of healing the “other”, as we are all so connected. This is a wonderful way to begin to tune in so that any darkness may be brought to light through transmutation!

9-21: Understanding Our Shadows

9-28: Mantras and Shadow Work

10-5: Aura-Soma and Shadow Work (a gentle block remover)

10-12: The Light of Shadow Work

Freedom Jennings, the Spirit behind All Paths Lead Om! It is my heart’s desire to create a safe space for HEALING, INSPIRATION, & SELF-INQUIRY so you might bear witness to the DIVINITY that is inherent within you! The modalities I utilize are the very same tools that brought me out of the darkness and into the LIGHT!

I am a Spiritual Life-Coach, Reiki Master, Aura-Soma Practitioner, Tarot Reader (24 years!), Certified Crystal Healer & Writer. I use vibrational medicines, shadow work methodologies, & metaphysics in order to tap into our innate wisdom and inner knowledge so that the subconscious may be illuminated and brought into consciousness.

In layman’s terms… SELF-HELP WORK IS MY JAM!

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