Behind the Mask

Whether we like to admit it or not, I think we mostly all have our “masks” that we hide behind. We hide our sorrow, our grief, our joy, our thoughts, our opinions, our anger, our talents…

I like to use everyone around me as my mirror to help me see myself more clearly and one of the dominant themes I see come up time after time are “masks”. So tonight (in the midst of my LOVELY salt bath soak), I worked on finding and pulling off some of my own screens.

The reflection that I was noticing was that quite often the masks that we put up for others are blocks to the most radiant, shining, Divine Light that we are.

I can see selfishness and grandiosity covering up vulnerability and delicate softness. I can see humility trying to keep life’s purpose at bay. I can see self-deprivation masking a need for acceptance or even for praise for the beauty that is already there to begin with and cannot be separated from the soul. I can see the anger protecting one from witnessing their own shame and guilt, thereby blocking them from their heart’s longing of true connection.

The thing is, if we were willing to be transparent for even a moment, we would see quite clearly that our biggest assets lay just beyond the disguise that we are hiding behind.

I think the ego oftentimes tricks us into thinking we are so very authentic when in fact, we hide ourselves behind THIS mask of “authenticity”. We all want to be unique, and I think we often muddle this word and the word authentic together.

We are all unique. How could it be otherwise? And yet we are all made up of the same fabric and Universe that is Source… so in another way, we are all very much the same.

But AUTHENTIC… I’m going to be controversial and say: not many of us are truly 100% authentic. I mean, there are definitely those of us who shoot for that. It is DEFINITELY on my top 10 list of values… (somewhere down here I have a post on how to find your top 10 Values so that you can become more in alignment with Self… AND ironically? … or not ironically? …you got it! Authenticity…)

However, authenticity is hard to come by if we can’t be totally transparent, and transparency is hard to come by if don’t trust, and trust is hard to come by if we don’t know ourselves and Source intimately and fully.

Again, these are my opinions/observations of others as well as myself. But what I see is that HOLY MOLY if we could let down our guarded hearts for even 10 minutes the Light we would see would blind us from burning so very bright and we could step into all that we are.

It’s like Marianne Williamson’s quote that I read twice everyday while brushing my teeth (a suggestion from one of Jen Sincero’s lovely books, “You are a Badass at Making Money”). This part of the quote says:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’”

If we stepped out from behind the curtain long enough, we would see how much people love and appreciate us just how we are. We would see that we are accepted even being our perfectly imperfect selves.

Instead, we end up paying dearly with our livelihood, our energy… our healing…

And we are here to heal… or perhaps more accurately, to see that we are already wholly Divine and require no forgiveness or healing. For me, these are basically the same concepts toting different names.

I suppose the question becomes what is the cost of wearing the mask? Is the protection that the false face gives us GREATER THAN the Light we would experience if we were to remove it? The acceptance, the belonging, the LOVE? Perhaps the ability to step into our life’s purpose fully?

During meditation today, I was shown quite clearly the Light that is burning inside me that is ready to express itself in a more fully realized way. It also asked of me to give up a lot of what I’ve been carrying. And you know what’s funny? Is that I could feel the weight lifted off of me by my Guides… I was LIGHT! I was FREE! I was helping the planet! …and out of either habit or fear… I suppose both, I watched as I picked up the bulky, old mantle and placed it delicately back on my shoulders.

But then I understand, too, that the energy for all of us is already shifting. Things are coming to surface and into the Light despite our best efforts to hold onto our stage performance. Truth will always out, and the radiance beaming from our Lightbodies cannot be held back much longer. It is a crystalline vision I see.

Even though it feels a bit off-putting to the ego, I am so glad that the veils are shattering. It is refreshing to see the purpose and the purging behind what appears at first sight to be pure chaos.

Are you ready to put down some of what you are carrying and stand with me in the Light? We have done so much deep work, and the winds are shifting. Our Guides and Spirit team are ready for us to shed the unneeded layers, to slough them off like a snake shedding its skin, and to pull the scales off of our eyes.

I am here to meet you with open arms when you are ready, as we stand in the Light of Truth and Love together!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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