Creating God in Human’s Image

We have this really peculiar way as a species of writing human characteristics on the face of God… kinda how we do with dogs… ya know? We see the world as we are and we decide that God is the same. We decide that an ever expanding Universe is exactly how we see it at the moment and that we own the absolute truth to all these things that we really know nothing about.

The ego is a funny thing. And we like to believe it. We really want to believe that all of our ideas and plans and images are correct. Some of us will stubbornly hold on to these things to the LITERAL DEATH.

We especially seem to have missed the memo that “God is IN all people” to mean that “all people ARE unequivocally God and have no room for the human experience or else poo-poo on them”.

The ego judges other’s ego from that place a lot. And the funny thing is that the ego is BLIND.

We make an idea of what people *should* be or do or whatever and hold it as some sort of unarguable truth. This can be downright dangerous. But on a more simple level, let’s just talk day to day even and in our inner circles, it still can illicit separation. Which, for the sake of argument, is decidedly the contrast of God as God is ONE.

When we hold people to an impossible standard, be it friends, family, partners, neighbors, coworkers, and ESPECIALLY mentors or spiritual teachers, we set them up for failure. Because we are ALL human. And we ALL have ego.

Here’s the thing: WE ARE SUPPOSED TO.

We came here to learn, to grow, to remember Love.

I’m writing this blog with a grand gesture of energy and ideas that come from my ego. And I am a student of life.

As much as we all have God in us and we are all teachers, we are also all STUDENTS. We must be humble enough to always remember that- to know that we really know nothing about ANYTHING.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t hold people accountable. Being someone’s doormat is a function of the ego as well. The ego has MANY faces. But it does mean that we allow room in our lives for us to all be HUMAN. Without judgement. With only LOVE in our hearts.

Because it’s true. God is within and without us. And we DO hold the capacity for Divine Love. We have merely forgotten it.

God is LOVE, and so are we. We are so much from Love that we are able to come here into this thick dimension and learn all sorts of cool things!

And we learn through contrast and through the ego.

So let us allow some space for ALL of it… for all of God to shine through and even the ego’s follies. THIS, to me, creates the space for love to really enter our heart space and help others to do the same. Let’s put some of the judgement into the trash can and make space to consider new ideas and possibilities and ways of seeing things. Let’s consider that the best way for others to grow is to offer them the love that we want for ourselves if the shoe was on the other foot. Maybe then we can get an even closer glimpse of the true nature of the unlimited expanding energy that we call God.

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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