United We Stand, Divided We Fall

We are at a place in our evolution where no longer have the opportunity to rest on our laurels.

The separation grows ever wider and the chasm deepens.

But we often feel at a loss to know what to do.

When the collective seems a bit mad and we aren’t sure where to spend our time or which purpose or cause to support, we can spiral into further confusion.

This is the purpose of provoking confusion and division.

If we were to reach a point of harmonization, the collective shadow could no longer exist.

The place I personally believe is the best point to start at is to recognize that this collective shadow is a mirror for the shadows within.

It can be hard for us to accept that we have shadows.

The ego would like to accept anything but.

However, as a chasm grows deeper within the self, so does it without in the collective.

We must begin within.

The world needs us to do this very important work so that we can shed light on the shadow.

We have to examine every nook and cranny of ourselves to see where we find division and fragmentation within.

This is why shadow work is so very important.

It is up to each of us to become conscious.

As within our own personal lives, we can see that from the chaos and destruction comes order and new life.

But first we must be willing to be honest with ourselves, come from a place of non-judgement, and look at all aspects of Self through the lens of love.

It may feel like an arduous process, but it is the best place to start, particularly when it feels cloudy to know where to begin.

Our shadows and our challenges offer us the best opportunity to do what we came here to do, which is to learn and grow.

But the more we avoid looking at our fear, the louder it growls, and thus does the collective mirror that growl.

We must be willing to find the harmony within.

We must be willing to love ourselves at all cost.

We must be willing to love all others at all cost.

And when we cannot find the light of love for others, we must inquire within, “can I find this aspect within myself and love it and accept it with my whole heart? Can i find compassion for it? Can I thank it for its purpose as my teacher? Can I find forgiveness for this within me?”

When we try to put the “evil” all as outside of ourselves, we do ourselves a disservice. We fail to see that we have all of the seeds of life, “good” and “bad”, within us.

Because we fail to see, because we are scared to look, because we do not want to offer ourselves a compassionate heart, we project so much onto the outside and become equally as divisive as those we speak out against.

A house divided cannot stand, and we ourselves are no different.

We cannot remain fragmented inwardly and expect change at the outer level.

I know this is asking a lot.

It takes a large amount of courage and bravery to face our own inner demons, our own monsters.

We haven’t been taught how to do this by a society that exists on spreading lies and division.

We can be in the world but not of it by doing our inner work.

By recognizing we all play a part in continued division.

None of us are exempt from doing this work.

When we begin the journey to live in consciousness and seek the truth of our wholeness, we may feel afraid at first steps.

Stepping into the unknown is always like this.

However, we quickly find the light of Love illuminating our path.

Not the love that we conceive of as humans.

But that of pure Divine Love.

I invite you to step bravely with me into a new chapter.

At least being open to considering that there are things within yourself that are fragmented, wounded, divided and are ready for healing, balancing, and integrating.

I promise I am walking with you there.

I know the fear.

It is not a fast process and every day we must make the choice to take the next step into the unknown.

I am proud of us for how far we’ve come, and our commitment to our growth for that of the planet.

I am always here for you. God is always here for you. Love is always here for you. Light is always here for you.

You can do this. I believe in us.

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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