The Phoenix Program

Hey there, bodacious babettes and delectable dudes! It’s JUNE now, and sure, it’s super HOT… but are you ready to turn up the heat EVEN HIGHER?! I’m looking for 3 fearless badasses who are ready to BE THE PHOENIX!!! If you’ve been feeling like you’re wanting to shift, but aren’t sure HOW to get started with your radical transformation, hit me up and lets get you on board!


This is a 4 week program to help you find and heal the blocks that hold you back in life! We ALL have obstacles, but I like to consider them “opportunities for growth”, and in this program you’ll learn how to find your greatest strengths even while facing your fears! This is NO surface healing program! We’re going to go deep, because that’s where LASTING HEALING HAPPENS!

Each week will have 2 sessions (distance or in person) with a 15 minute phone call between connection times.


SHADOW WORK: The famous psychologist, Carl Jung, coined the phrase “the shadow self”, and spent a lifetime diving into that work. (HEY GUESS WHAT??!! Meeee, toooo!! Not the “coining” part, but the practicing part for sure!) In this phase of our work we will uncover YOUR shadow self to find your challenges and learn what great gifts they inherently hold by exploring color, deep listening, and doing energetic scans. Our first session will be 2 hours, and the second will be one hour. We will do a 15 minute phone call midweek as a check-in. As my clients can attest, I like giving “OMwork”, specifically compatible for your growth so that you can keep in it your healing tool belt for the rest of your life! (PS with the first session you will also receive an Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottle to use for the entirety of your month transformation! $60 value!)


HEALING & BLOCK REMOVAL: (I.E. Burning that stuff to the GROUND!) This week we will be working to remove the obstacles that we found energetically. The first session will be an hour reiki healing and energy session that uses something called “psychic surgery” that helps to ream out negative energies that are stored within your auric field and emotional body. There will also be a chakra rebalancing (performed in each session) as well as clearing out any energies from past lives or this life that are no longer serving your highest good. This session is also for entity removal. The second session of this week is an hour long and done from the comfort of your home with a distance Archangel Clearing session. This is one of the most powerful clearings that I do, and the prior session will have you prepped for this. We will go through what was cleared out via phone or zoom at the end of the session and for a check in.


INTEGRATION: This week we stabilize and integrate the work we’ve done so far. Clients often take this week to process the things they’ve grown through while I perform gentle reiki during each of the sessions. This often includes a lot of life-coaching and mentoring about what feelings have come up, what situations are clearing up in their lives, and what things have been shifting in their body. We will discuss again techniques that are applicable to uniquely YOU for integrating and raising up your vibrational frequency. This is a great week to really rest and absorb all the good juju from all the hard work you’ve been doing!


RISING FROM THE ASHES: At this point you will be AMAZED at how much has shifted in your life! During the 4th week my clients are always SUPER PSYCHED about what comes next, because at this point so much healing has taken place that they are ready to really march ahead! We will be focusing here on manifestation techniques, how to hold yourself to keep your energy clear, what are the goals MOST in alignment with your path ahead, and tools to continue your growth and make your goals your… BFF…

For my clients who also do healing, psychic work, metaphysics- here we often talk about how to access their abilities more, how to trust themselves as they work with clients, and how to conduct business ethically as well as discussing how to tackle challenges as a spiritual life-coach.



Sure! Growth *CAN* be painful, so we try to avoid it like putting our hand on a hot stove… but fortunately for you, I’m a joyful optimist… it’s what I do! There are FUN ways to do serious stuff! AND, when you are SERIOUS about the work and investing in yourself, you can’t help but to grow and shine with these tools! THE JOY NATURALLY COMES IN!!! People ask me how I am so happy and it is BECAUSE I have done THIS work! And now I’m going to show YOU how to! The thing is, when you understand HOW to do this work and actually experience the LIGHTNESS OF BEING that comes at the other side, you step into the unknown even with fear because you know it is so worth it, and most importantly that YOU ARE SO WORTH IT!!!


My clients feel a shift within during the first session, and after the second they often express a notable lightness. I generally have it reported back to me that even the people around my clients have started exclaiming over their noticeable shifts by the second week and will often start asking what they’re doing to create such dramatic changes in their life and demeanor! It’s like an exercise program: It works if you work it!!!


The month is $1111.00** and includes:

7: 1 hour sessions

1: 2 hour session

4: 15 minute check in phone calls

1: Aura-Soma equilibrium bottle

…and lots of practical “OMwork” and tools created SPECIFICALLY for you and your growth that you can carry with you for a lifetime!

Payment methods include: Cash, Venmo, and Zelle

**THIS IS A $560 DISCOUNT, Y’ALL!!! Talk about FIRE 🔥**


HECK YES, YOU CAN! As a reiki master, I am trained in distance work, bb! And I’ve been doing it a long time with great results! It doesn’t matter where you are, I gotchu!


I love you as big as the Universe, gorgeous human, because I’ve done this work and it cracked my heart wide open!!! I think you’re ready for it, too, sweetums! It’s time to quit playing small! You were meant for greatness! And YOU ARE READY TO SHINE YOUR BRIGHT LIGHT IN ALL ITS GLORY!!! I can FEEL it!! Can you?!?!


“I wanted to say thank you for everything again… you have helped me more than you will ever know! I’ve started doing readings and I’ve been spot on. Every time I look at the cards I hear your voice telling me to trust my intuition and that I got this… like you are my personal cheerleader in my head. You are truly a blessing to all who have the privilege and honor to work with you!”

“I’m happy and excited to know you. I’m looking forward to seeing you before too long. I’ve felt big shifts since our last session. I’m very grateful. I’m pleased with my results. Thank you.”

“Thank you for your magic!!!”

“You have helped me believe in myself and fall in love with me. I found my confidence again. You are truly a blessing. I will be forever grateful to God for letting our paths cross.”

“I slept so well! It was your energy that did it. Thank you!”

“I am really looking forward to my appointment Saturday with you! I am really glad you are in my life! You are an awesome person and I love what you’ve been bringing into my life!”

“Thank you again for the help and energy work. I feel a lot better deep within!”

“Rockin’ Love!!! For myself and so many others… so wonderful! I’m lovin’ ME! Thank you for your support of my journey, Freedom!”

“Thank you so much for my mom’s session today! You are awesome and she LOVED you!”

“I have had great insight shortly after our time together and things have already shifted and are much better. Physically and mentally!”

“I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know I’m feeling some really good positive energy shifts with everything that we did and I’m really thankful and grateful that you’ve come into my life. You are the REAL DEAL and I feel that truly. I really appreciate you helping me out!”

ALRIGHT THAT’S ALL! …Wait, what?? You want MORE??

“Thanks for all your insights and wisdom, I really appreciate it! I’m so glad you are my new go-to person for spiritual advice and a listening ear!”

“I absolutely LOVED that healing you did and got a ton out of it! I will direct more people to you… they really dig thorough reports to understand where they are at… haha, I know I do!!”

“OMG- I feel like you’re my therapist but not… you speak in a spiritual way… just saying… your gifts are unique, special, and I am truly grateful for you!”

“After we had our phone session I felt much lighter and better, and I slept extremely well! You are very gifted!”

“I normally don’t like spending money, but I really enjoyed this. I appreciate your love and your insight and your fortitude to do what you do. I’m very appreciative of you. Thanks again.”

“I’ve made a lot of progress emotionally… I did get over a huge hurdle this week. You’re a huge source of inspiration for a lot of people, Freedom. You’re not like my therapist, you’re like a spiritual advisor so I can talk to you about stuff way more openly than I could with a therapist. Thank you!”

LOOK, GUYS… You got this one shot at this life in this particular sexy ass meatsuit… I KNOW you don’t want to waste it! So what are you waiting for?! The best time is NOW… (mostly because the ONLY time is now… ya dig?!)

I love you and I can’t wait to connect soon! You deserve nothing but the best! Let’s add fuel to your fire and LIGHT UP THE WORLD, you brave Phoenix, you!!!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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