Living an Intentional Life

How often have we heard someone say: “I didn’t do it INTENTIONALLY”? How often do we say it?

This is one of the most important things about doing the work and diving into our shadows to get honest with ourselves.

When we do not get quiet and sit with ourselves, when we are not honest with ourselves, when we live only from ego perspectives based on our trauma, we can not live a life of intention.

This generally hurts the people around us, and not only that, but ourselves as well.

It is an act of great love to be brave enough to take the time and effort to go inwards and to do the work to know ourselves.

But it is always, always worth it! Because when we know ourselves, TRULY KNOW OURSELVES, from the stillness within and not from our anxious ego mind, we see that we are WHOLLY DIVINE. We see that we are WHOLLY LOVED and LOVABLE. We see that nothing was ever wrong with us, and that it is not possible for our soul to be “broken”. Our souls are nothing short of radiant light, peace, joy and love abounding.

Then, when we know ourselves, we can love ourselves. We can love our neighbors as ourselves, which I believe is what Christ also meant when he said, “love your neighbor as yourself”.

Then we are walking a path of intention. We can see and hold space for the suffering of others because we have seen and witnessed and held space for our own.

We heal, not only ourselves, but the world.

An intentional life is worth living. We can make more and more choices then to act from a space of “how do I bring love” into the situation instead of “what action/words do I take to make sure my base ego needs are met”, which ultimately brings pain to everyone. This is because when we do not take others as ourselves, we stay in separation, in ego, and we perpetuate behaviors that keep us disconnected from others, from ourselves, and from the Truth of our Divine Light.

May we all strive to live an intentional life… a life of devotion to the grace and the glory and the radiance of the all, so that we may recognize it not only in ourselves, but in everyone that crosses our paths.

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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