Pricing & Services

Services start at $140/hr.*

My maximum amount of time allotted for a session is 2 hrs.

A session will be custom fit to your desires/needs.

Options include: Spiritual Life-Coaching, Aura-Soma Consultation (1 hour minimum), Tarot Reading, Reiki Session, Psychic Surgery, Crystal Healing, House Clearing/Blessing*, Shadow Work Session


I am SUPER stoked about this program! We will have 8 sessions, 2 per week for a month! Our first session is 2 hours long and we will focus on goals and their blocks- finding the resistance within! This will include an Aura-Soma Consultation with an Equilibrium bottle to use for the month. We will also do a reiki session and I will find any blockages in your auric field/energetic system. Each week we will uncover, discover and discard the blocks that are interfering with you and your best life! We will discover how to move forward with purpose! It is going to be EPIC FUN!!! Price is $1111.00! That’s a $560 discount, y’all! PEEP THE DEETS HERE 👇👇👇


*My maximum amount of time allotted for a session is 2 hrs. Prices may vary, for example, house clearings are $222.00/hr (based on distance for travel may vary more)

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