Moving Through Life with Love

It can be challenging to know how to move forward in some situations in a loving way. Many of us face the obstacle of *trying* to come from a loving place, only to have it backfire tremendously.

So how can we do our best, knowing that we are coming from a place of love in our actions, and not from the ego?

Love is motivated BY love, by Spirit, or the Higher Self, while the ego is motivated by fear.

A Course in Miracles tells us that things are either LOVE itself or a CALL to Love.

The first objective to understanding whether our motives are based in love or fear is to be able to quiet the mind and LISTEN. We can feel into the body.

Meditation helps greatly with that, and if you’re new to meditation, check out my latest videos for my month long meditation challenge which can be found on Instagram (@allpathsleadom) or on Facebook at All Paths Lead Om or my personal page Freedom Jennings. There are many tips and tricks that I’ve learned on my 15 year meditation journey!

The second part, and most important to note, is that we have the capability of being HONEST WITH OURSELVES. This can be the real challenge and takes a lot of practice and humbleness of ego.

One of the best ways to move forward as we practice love, forgiveness, compassion, and tolerance of differing perspectives in our lives, is to ask ourself what is most loving for US. While some people would note this as selfish, if we cannot come from a space of love with ourselves first, our interactions with others become unintentionally soured and we end up creating pain for ourselves and others. Intention matters. When we act from a space of love for the self, we create more room for love with others around us. Self-loving and selfish are two very different things. When we act from a true space of love that includes ourselves as well, we create a very healing environment.

Things in this dimension take time for the purposes of learning, so don’t expect yourself to get it right or perfect all the time right away. Learn to be gentle with yourself, and this will teach you to be gentle with others as well. It is all practice, so just do your best from the space of love. Make sure to include yourself in your love, and the world will open up and blossom before your eyes!

I love yall!!!

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Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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