A World of Color!

For the last 12 years, I have dedicated my life to uncovering my shadows and integrating what I’ve found there. I struggled with Bipolar 1, OCD, & PTSD. I felt everything from everyone and all of the spaces in between. Existing in the world felt like a real struggle. So I extricated myself about 10 years ago to life in more primitive and isolated living situations. This went as far as to move into the middle of 700 acres of private land in Oregon, 20 miles from cell service, with no electricity or running water… and things of that nature. But then LIFE happened…

I could no longer spend my days in deep, meditative concentration. You see, I had to go back to Austin to take care of my grandparents (one who developed a brain tumor and was going to soon be in need of in house hospice, and the other with dementia). I knew I was going to have to do this, and at this point I had pulled out and integrated so much of the shadows within, that I felt like I had at least the strength to do the task that lay ahead with minimal hiccups in my mental health.

When I got back home to Texas, I did okay for awhile… but my self-care routine and my ability to carve out a lot of “me time” for my healing became increasingly depleted. AND IN STROLLED AURA-SOMA, introduced to me by the volunteer at Hospice Austin.


She shared a Pomander and Quintessence with me and I immediately felt it raise my
vibration and offer me more insight, more lightness, and even restoring a bit of my energy! And it smelled SO GOOD!

After my granddad passed, I was afforded no extra time as I was the full time caretaker for my grandmother with dementia. I started to struggle as my depression started setting back in. I finally visited someone that the hospice volunteer (turned best friend) had told me about, and when I walked in I saw these MAGICAL BOTTLES! My troubles faded and I was spellbound!

I began working with the Equilibrium bottles as well as the Pomanders and Quintessences daily. I started to feel better! I had clarity again! I was able to understand my shadow work more swiftly and easily, and process 61B84E98-77DF-41D7-BE22-FCBEBA0DE986through lessons even while having limited time to myself. I was able to push through hurdles that had been building for years! And even without hours of meditation a day!

I was able to go into public with more peace, and felt more certain that I did not have to allow myself to be permeated by others energy. I felt like I was closer to nature when I would use them, even if I was stuck in the house.

My Certified Crystal Healers course from Hibiscus Moon that I had taken a few years prior also helped give me some of the scientific basis of how Aura-Soma was working to help increase my vibration, but I still hadn’t touched the depths of these bottles until more recently!

After a couple of years, I decided I wanted to learn more and to share my joy with others! I began taking the intensive course training that is required of all certified Aura-Soma practitioners. And I also began to dive EVEN DEEPER with my bottles, now that I understood even more the WHY and HOW they helped me to heal my life through integrating of the shadow.

And I am happy that I get to share that now with others! We all have those special tools that have helped us during our hour of need. I have had many tools for many seasons. But for me, this one has been the most uplifting and transformative, which is WHY it brings me SO MUCH GRATITUDE to be able to share it with you today!

The spiritual tools we choose will be different for each individual Seeker, but if Aura-Soma speaks to you, I’d love to give you an introduction and give you a 4 Bottle Reading!

Sending you many blessings and all of the hugs! Thank you for reading and for sharing space with me here! I love you!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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