Is it Luck?

I keep asking, “how am I so lucky?”

But I don’t actually believe “luck” has anything to do with it. I think that my heart’s purest desire to follow Love and Truth and Joy in such an authentic and dedicated and all consuming manner puts me into vibrational alignment to let my best life manifest in an epically tangible way.

My best life. My best life is here, and my best life is in this present moment. I am grateful for the past, and I am grateful for what the future holds, and I am grateful for right now, because truly that is all there is. And right now I am present and I am living my best life.

I would ask how I got here after the last year, which was a pretty rough year in terms of making choices and needing to take decisive and swift action… but it is 9DACDBA3-FD22-4E0B-B273-78A6338CB4CEbecause I was willing to make hard but necessary decisions and TAKE THAT ACTION. I was willing to put faith in my footsteps and in the unknown.

How funny is it that so often we don’t dare to step outside of our comfort zones, when really, if we aren’t truly happy, then the only way to find that happiness is to take action to step out of our comfort zone. Action is so important. In just about every blog I write, “Faith without works is dead”. But I won’t ever stop writing it because it is such a profoundly important piece of my truth.

It really is interesting that one of the compliments I receive the most is about how I take action. I hear a lot that people will watch me mull over something- sometimes for a short while and sometimes for a long while- but then as SOON as I decide, I take the necessary action. I can’t wait. It’s like the Eight of Wands. I just go for it.

And the other interesting thing about that is: the more I do it, the more I trust myself to do the right thing and to always take right action. I trust that because I live in my personal truth and what I consider “right thought”, that I will always take the right action. I trust myself and I trust my God and I trust the Universe.

We can pay lip service all day and say that we trust God. That we believe in “pronoia”- that the Universe is always working in our favor. But if we aren’t willing to do the work and put the actions with words, then the words are nothing but smoke and vapor. They hold no truth and no substance. They are just a mere illusion and will bear no fruit.

When we are committed to putting the actions with our words, what lays on the other side is pure divinity. Pure divine joy. Because we are showing the Universe that we TRULY believe in what we are saying. That it is more than just lip service. That it is the truth to our core. And that we are willing to step out of the comfort zone in order to touch something beyond our wildest dreams. And that has been my experience every time I put myself into action with a vision in mind. I let go of the things that are not serving that vision. And you know… most often that vision is actually just a FEELING. The vision is that I want to vibrate higher. That I want to constantly be touching God. That I want to be constantly connected to Source. THAT is my vision. (Seeking first the kingdom of God…) With this in mind I find that every time I take action and follow my heart, and push ego aside, the thing that lays on the other side is ALWAYS better than I could have even possibly conceived of in my wildest dreams.

I’m not sure why that is so crazy to our minds… that things will be EVEN BETTER than we imagined. After all, we have VERY limited human perspectacles… and this is a VAST, VAST, VAST Universe! Of COURSE what God provides is even more magical than I could ever conceive of!! Of COURSE! Of COURSE when I show my faith with action the result is better than anything I could conceive! GOD *is* That which is greater than what can be conceived.

Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For the person who asks receives, the person who searches finds, and the door will be opened to the person who knocks. Who among you, when her child asks her for bread, will give the child a stone, or when the child asks for a fish, will give a snake? If you then, wicked though you are, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give what is good to those who ask him!”

Matthew 7:7-11

This all being said… if the Universe puts something phenomenal in your face, you do NOT let it go. You do NOT let it slip away. You do NOT let the tiny, egoic fear voice creep in. You tell it to back the fuck down. You don’t let it in when it feels so right on such a soul level. Holy SHIFT what magic happens when we don’t allow the baby fear to speak louder than our hearts. Holy SHIFT. When God puts gifts in your life, receive them with openness and pour your love back into them! Allow the Universe to always reveal more to you and it will! The Universe is pure, divine MAGIC… let it SHOW you. Put your faith into action and it absolutely will!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

(Featured image by Erryk Jennings)


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