October 2017 Spread

1. Situation (Month): The Fountain
2. Obstacle/Opportunity: 10 of Coins
3. Known: Knight of Coins
4. Unknown: Temperance
5. Behind: 5 of Coins
6. Ahead: 10 of Swords
7. Self: Death
8. Environment: The Sun
9. Hope & Fear: Page of Coins
10. Possible Outcome moving into Nov.: 4 of Coins

*What can I do to have a paradigm shift to change the outcome of the 4 of Coins? The Tower

*If I make that shift, what would the outcome be then? Wheel of Fortune

*What messages do you have to help me through the challenges of this month? Mountain Goat

*Any additional information/advice about the 10 of Swords? Cheetah

*What spirit guide energies can I call on to help me dive into The Tower head on? Unicorn


1. This month promises to be exactly what it is at face value. When I am present, I will find peace. I will find it easier to “be” and to see the truth of many things.

2. The obstacle or opportunity this month revolves around money, finances, and earthly stuff, as most of my cards and thoughts have been around this subject as of late. Reading this with the other cards in the deck, I suspect I will be focused a lot on the end result and less on what it takes to get there. In this case, the idea of what I want, and feeling lack of not having that yet, could lead to a back track if I don’t work towards balance and a paradigm shift about money or things around the home as well.

3. I know that money is on its way, but this card also speaks to me of my husband because it is “his card” for me, and often comes up in reference to our relationship. So this I believe has to do with 2 things: One is our relationship (Mars in my 4th house has things a bit wonky as well, but Sun in the 5th house is kinda counteracting all that stuff… so lots of relationship stuff currently- especially around money.), and the other has to do with I feel quite certain money is on it’s way to me… I just don’t know the time line.

4. Temperance is unknown to me. This is telling me I have the capacities to balance, to listen, and to find the middle ground… I just have to realize it. My perceptions are not always accurate. I need to be willing to cast ego aside and to find the shift in perception that will help me to grow. And I can do that. I have the ability. Bringing my ability to do this to the surface, being open to new ideas and shattering old thought patterns, will help me to shift the thought process that could lead to feeling a lot of lack near the end of the month if I choose to not embrace the transformation of Death, and the destruction of the Tower.

5. 5 of Coins is fading away. A feeling of lack, of needing help and having too much ego to ask for it is fading away. The energy of feeling like I must sacrifice the comforts of the world in order to live a life of enlightenment is fading away. The idea that having “less” means spiritually having “more” is fading away. (You think I would have learned this lesson that lifetime as a monk, but sadly I only realized I had sacrificed all but my ego in shedding my earthly possessions at a time too close to death, and did not release- or know how to release- that karma.)

6. I moving towards the energy of the 10 of Swords. I actually like this card. It’s like a complete surrender. A transformation. Like Death, but on the smaller scale. Like the smaller lesson that I will learn and overcome that will transform me into the butterfly when compiled with the other transformations.

Because Swords have to do with Air and the mind, it suggests that I’m going to surrender the old ways of thinking in order to let the new ways come in. I really love this. It means perhaps I really do have the stamina to jump over this mental block like a flying monkey.

7. Death is the Self. I love this because it is the card I drew for myself years ago as my personal significator in reference to my birth chart and horoscope. I love the Death card a lot. I love transformation. It hasn’t always been easy, but my oh my has it been worth it! SO I see I have more work to do, more to transform, and I’m excited to do it! (This is saying something particularly because I just started my period which normally means I’m just in a super dour mood. That’s been improving so much with the change in my diet… but that’s a story for another day.) So this month, I embody transformation. And this butterfly is ready to shift some paradigms and bust out of that cocoon, no matter the cost!

8. The Sun is my environment. This makes so much sense. My sun is traveling through my 5th house until sometime in November and I’m not gonna lie… It feels AWESOME.

9. I hope and fear the Page of Coins. I am excited to work on my new endeavors, and I simultaneously have a bit of fear, not just about failing, but about succeeding as well. However, I’m mostly just excited and pushing through the fears at the moment. Perhaps I should do better to acknowledge them and bring them to the surface. Perhaps that’s part of the paradigm shift that needs to happen in order to not buy into the scarcity scam of the 4 of Coins.

10. Possible outcome: 4 of Coins. This happens to be one of my least favorite cards in the deck, but also happens to bring up quite a nostalgic recent memory. When we left Oregon, all of our things that didn’t fit in our RV, we had left under a tarp in the middle of the woods with the intent to come back and get it when we got our new RV. We were in the middle of 800 acres of land with only one caretaker, the sweetest man named Harold. We were next to BLM land, too. There was really no one there and we could run around naked in the moonlight (or daylight) for that matter and no one would be the wiser. Anyways, we got snowed out while we were gone. We couldn’t get back in. And we had a silver tarp set up just like this with our toolboxes, generator, tools, etc… lots of expensive heavy stuff we had been toting all over the country… We told Harold he could have what we couldn’t get up in the snow. It was half a mile to our car and the snow was over the knee deep. We just couldn’t get it. And it looked IDENTICAL to the image on this deck of cards. UNCANNY. I tried to take a picture as we left. I think the phone may have died due to the cold. I will try and look for it anyways. But I write all this to remind me of this memeory and to look deeper into it and how I felt. I felt some loss and some release that those things were no longer burdening us. I felt sad for my husband, because it was mostly his stuff. I felt a bit of guilt for getting us in that situation anyways, and I also thought it was little to sacrifice for the amount of money we saved staying there and even more so for the JOY of that situation which is probably like a once in a lifetime kinda amazing deal.

Anyways… I guess that made me feel a bit more warm towards this card in general. But certainly I don’t want to hoard or to create the illusion of lack where there is abundance everywhere, as abundance is the nature of the universe when seen through the right “perspectacles”.

So I asked how i could have a paradigm shift that I may switch the outcome of this card. And of course I got the Tower. Because shit has to tumble down to rebuild anew. I asked what the lesson would be, what would come from this card or the end of this month: The Wheel of Fortune. Basically, what I decide to do about it and with it will decide the “fate”. It will dictate what energies I’m in alignment with then. I asked my Spirit Guide cards what I could do to help me with the challenges and pulled the MOUNTAIN GOAT. This guy is about balance. And boy, have I been getting a lot of indicators I’m out of balance. I believe this has a lot to do with how I am spending my time, but I definitely will be coming up with a new balance spread to dive into this much more thoroughly.

Then I asked what else I needed to know about the 10 of Sword or advice about it and I got CHEETAH. It does say to me that I will get through by surrendering to my mission and continuing onward- getting clear. But I almost feel it speaks more to the Mountain Goat, and how to balance. I need to get clear on my goals and intentions, realize that the things I dream are within my grasp. There is a momentum building. It isn’t the time to lay down. The only thing I need to do is surrender. I need to shift any limiting mindset and belief systems, and I can begin to do this also by switching my focus to my intentions and what i am working onbuilding.

The last thing I asked was what animal energies I could harness to move head on toward the Tower, without fear, to help it crumble and the new belief system to rise: the UNICORN… isn’t that beautiful? The Unicorn.

Yours in Oneness❤️Freedom

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