¡NEW! Intensive Transformation Program!


Have you been wanting a change to happen, but feel unsure what steps to take next? Do you feel blocked, but are SO READY to break free??

I am SO SUPER PUMPED to offer this NEW program!! It is going to be AWESOME and TRANSFORMATIVE!

Here’s what comes in the package:

*8 sessions (2 sessions a week for 4 weeks)

*1st and last session = 2 hours

*All other sessions = 1 hour

*Equilibrium bottle

Our first session will be an assessment of what goals you have, what blocks you’re finding while trying to reach those goals, etc., followed by an Aura Soma consult to dive EVEN DEEPER into what resistance is coming through unconsciously to block you from your goals/gifts and how to access them. You will receive one Equilibrium bottle (included in the price!) to use throughout the month as you move through the resistance! We will finish up the first visit with a 30 reiki session in which I will feel out blockages within your energetic system! This will be a multi-faceted approach that is specific to YOU and your needs, and the rest of the month will flow as such!

Each session we will evaluate which tools are helpful for you at the moment, and we will incorporate crystal/energy healing, tarot, Aura Soma, journaling prompts, inner child work/shadow work, etc. to create a program specific to your personal transformation journey!

I will help facilitate the space and teach you how to pick the tools right for you & show you how to incorporate those tools into your every day life!

I know these tools work, because they’ve worked in transforming MY life! It requires dedication, YES! But when we learn how to use tools for our growth & expansion, they are able to transform every aspect of our lives!

We are our own best teacher, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start! My techniques will not only give you a bouncing off point, but will allow you to access many tools for you to find the right ones for YOUR PERSONAL HERO’S JOURNEY! (And, might I add give you a ROCKIN’ cheerleader support team & accountability partner 😉 ie ME!)

This kind of work can be intense, but WE ARE WORTH IT!!! We are worth our best efforts! (And often times I find that it is FUN, as well as cathartic!)

If you’re ready to start working on:

*healing trauma at the soul level

*creating new habits and thus a new life

*reintegrating fragmented aspects of self

*learning how to do shadow work

*becoming your own best teacher

*having deeper access to your intuition & clairvoyance

*learning a multi-faceted approach to transformation

*if you are ready to truly tap into your own Divinity

*if you are ready to LOVE YOURSELF 💕

then this is for you!

When you are ready to dive super deep, when you are willing to go the extra mile to change your world- this program will be here waiting for you!

Message me for more details! Also, keep up to date with the latest news on Instagram and/or Facebook! I look forward to working with you! There is nothing we cannot accomplish together!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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