Emotional Response Exercise

Hey y’all! I wanted to share one of my favorite exercises today!

Here’s how it goes:

I use my LEVEL of EMOTION to indicate HOW FAR BACK the wound goes.

If it is just kind of something that surprises me, albeit unpleasantly, but unexpected… that is probably NEW.

If I am mildly irritated, it may be something recent. Maybe a recurring habit of a **feeling signature in my life that I only experienced in my adulthood.

If a situation produces a wild outburst of emotion from me, I know it is a VERY old wound. The level can range from teenage years, all the way back into to infancy, the womb, or even past lives. (If it IS a past life, most likely I also experienced that feeling signature in some form in my early youth anyway.)

Next, I get into a meditative state I go into in order to regress myself… basically, if you can get yourself into the headspace between being awake & dreaming- that space RIGHT before you fall asleep… that’s my easiest way to get there.

First, I ask myself, when was the LAST time I had this feeling signature. I feel into the particular feeling while in the meditative state, & allow myself to be transported back. (I know this is rather advanced stuff, but if we can REALLY hook into the feeling, & practice, I promise it becomes easier over time!)

I allow the situation to play in front of me like a movie screen, & I am the observer of the movie, rather than IN the movie. I bear witness to it.

THEN, I ask myself, “when was the FIRST time I felt this feeling signature?”

While in the same meditative space, I regress back to whenever the first time was. THIS has taken me in some wildly fun(& sometimes a little unnerving rides). Again, I watch OBJECTIVELY. As the outsider, I am able to gain better clarity of what the situation was actually, beyond my own emotion. It takes others into account as well.

THEN I begin the real work, which is to provide a new perspective based on the information & in conjunction, provide what I needed in THAT moment then (usually by talking to my younger self), & bring it into the CURRENT moment.

This has proven helpful particularly in context of relationships. Maybe even mostly romantic ones. Because if we are able to step aside & see that the wound is OLD, & just being triggered, than we can heal the original issue, & put any overreacting to the side. This takes pressure off of our partner (or friend, family, etc) & off of ourselves.

Here we can move into a space of real & responsible healing.

And in this way, we also teach others how to spot when there trigger is an old wound, so they can find the medicine they need for their particular feeling.

This helps with integration of fragmented parts of self as well, so that when we re-emerge, we are no longer triggered by that particular signature so easily. It brings a lot of peace to our lives.

If you have any questions, or would like me to direct you through this process during a session, send me a DM, & we can find what fits for you.

Love y’all!!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

**”Feeling signature” is like a specific feeling within the body. Emotions will have a specific signature to it… even LEVELS of emotion ie: irritation, anger, hatred, rage- just as an example of feeling signatures we might perceive as “negative”.

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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