Changing Your Paradigm

During my meditation this morning, I recognized a belief system that was outdated and ready for “upgrade”. I recognize these shifts a few different ways. One is that I may notice “fear thoughts” playing with increasing frequency in my mind. I can find these thoughts relatively quickly, as it has become practice to witness my thoughts from the point of Objective Observe. At it’s extreme it can play out as depression. Another way is when I am witnessing it in my “external world”- somehow I am mirrored the outdated belief by others or sometimes just notice people, even complete strangers, being more disgruntled than I normally do. The third way I notice that I am holding beliefs that are no longer serving me is by feeling it in my energetic system. Perhaps I will feel a pull in one of my chakras or a blockage in my body. Perhaps it has become rampant enough that I begin to show signs of physical illness or wounding. Maybe I will notice that one of my chakras is spinning backwards or that one is spinning super rapidly, like there is an energy blockage above it causing it to feel “stuffy”. The fourth way is by observing my dreams and attributes of those dreams, specifically patterns that are irregular for my dream state when things are steady, but have now become a repeating theme. Normally, I use all 4 of these as indicators that I am not fully in vibrational alignment with my truth.

These are the ways I can observe that something needs to be changed. How to do that as mentioned above is important, as we cannot change something if we do not see that it needs changing.

One of the easiest ways that I practice upgrading frequencies or belief systems is by  simply stating out loud or in my mind,


071Along a similar line I may choose a specific mantra or meditate with a specific crystal, or even make a crystal healing grid. This, and other practices such as using food and herbs, help me to imbibe the new energies and new beliefs in a way that feels more dense, mimicking 3d energy, so that I can more easily assimilate to the new vibration in a more intrinsic way that I can feel on a cellular level. 

BUT when there is a belief that I find so deep rooted, say that began in childhood or a past life maybe, one of the ways that is helpful for me personally is a journal exercise I started doing many years ago. I find it helps me to really get over the “incredulity gap”. This technique can be used for all sorts of things, but the reason I find it helpful for deep-seated work is this: I have found that simply stating a mantra I do not believe will not help me to step into that new frequency. If, for example, I am having a day where I am bloated and having issues with my thyroid that make my throat appear swollen, I cannot say, “I feel slender”, because I hear the voice from my subconscious rise and say, “well THAT is a bunch of bullshit…”. I can say, “I feel bloated today, but I will make good food choices to honor my body and thyroid and it will go down.” And I will believe that on all levels. I can say, “Everyday I make better choices about my health, physically and energetically, and that is showing visibly. It is okay to have ups and downs. I am consistently on a steady increase of well being!” I will believe that. But how I get to a relationship with myself where I can do that sometimes for me takes the following writing exercise that helps me to even be able to see the alternative paradigms.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Example belief: I can never make money being an artist… I am not good enough.

This can be unpacked into a couple of different beliefs that need a shift, but the idea behind this is producing a blockage and resistance to said person becoming an artist. First we will look at the beginning statement. When were they first told that? Does the idea of “starving artist” play a big role in their belief system? What did their family tell them or show them was their beliefs about artists and their success. Understanding the roots of the belief is helpful in moving past it. The next thing is to build up cases about how this is NOT true. (THIS is where I begin to feel a shift happening within the neuronets I’ve formed in my brain securely attaching ANY belief from being easily changed!)

Here, for example, I would research some famous artists that make good incomes. I would write a bit about them. I would write about how much pieces of art sell for. I would write about how there are out of the box ideas about making money as an artist, maybe making gifs or stock photos or crafting something to sell at a festival. I would DISPROVE my thought on “starving artists”.

NEXT, I would disprove “I am not good enough” in the same manner. I would look at the beliefs and how they got to be where they are. (By the way, this is not an exercise in blame or adding resentment… so if you feel your mind going there, for any of these exercises, I would recommend putting those thoughts on the back burner to analyze another time… this is purely for acknowledgment of seeing where the root is, so that we can more fully eradicate it.)

In this case I would write to see where “I am not good enough” is erroneous.

I would build a case up for myself that would go something like:

“1. I have always been told I am a good artist by family, friends, and even strangers.

2. I was President of National Art Honor Society in high school.

3. I was good enough at photography in high school that when our teacher left, the principle let me teach it.

4. I made straight As in college in every single art or photography class I ever took.

5. I have sold paintings for hundreds of dollars.

6. I have sold 3d pieces of artwork, like unique furniture, for hundreds of dollars. 

7. I have created my own websites in the past.

8. I started a successful business sewing, and paid off all my debt for that business.

9. I am told that my food is delicious and my food is an art form in itself. 

10. I have been successful at every art endeavor I have ever REALLY wanted to do.

11. I have always been told by my family that if I decide to do something, I do it successfully, and that has been true.

12. I always accomplish what I set out to do when I match action with my intention.”

And so on… so the list will look like something like that. The great part about these kinds of lists isn’t JUST that we can easily see how we are limiting our beliefs and telling ourselves things that aren’t even true, but also, we can always revisit them if we are having trouble moving into the new belief system or starting to fall back into the old paradigm.

I try not to “beat myself up” for slipping back into old paradigms, by the way. I know that there are some things which I grasp right away and can shift… but for these deeper things, I recognize that my human brain has been setting up a thick web of all of the times I thought the old paradigm. My cells remember that belief system. Belief systems thought frequently enough can be woven into the fabric of our being. So it is okay if it takes me awhile to see through the fear paradigm into the truth of my divinity. I will get b57743d1-c713-4e85-88c9-c07832a48ba9there. It is the purpose of time that I use it to grow. In each moment I will do my best to step into the paradigm of Love, and that includes loving myself and others, even if I fall a bit short. We can change our belief systems and thus change our life and the world in which we live. In fact, shifting these structures really just helps the illusion to fall away so that we can see what is really there anyways:

We live in an infinite and expanding universe. Everything is energy. There is no lack. If we ask, we will receive and if we seek then we will find. Everything is available to us in each moment. We are deserving of all that is because we are also all that is. And most importantly,

ALL is Love.

Yours in Oneness 🧡 Freedom

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