Crystals and Dreamtime

A question was presented to me about how I use crystals in my dreaming practice, so I thought I would address it publicly in case it is helpful for others as well. As they are two of my 3 favorite tools (the other being Tarot), I am super excited to share about it!

The most simple way I could suggest to use crystals with dreaming, without using any books or needing any knowledge at all, is to go into a crystal store or pick a crystal off your shelf at home that you feel called to use during Dreamtime. Think about what it is you want from your dreams. Do you want clarity about a situation? Healing? Transformation? Lucid dreaming? Talking to your angels or guides? Focus on what it is you want from your dream and then intuitively pick a crystal that calls to you.

There are many ways to pick a crystal intuitively once you have your intention set. (You can even really do this without an intention, however, I find all results most potent when done with intention.) Depending on which “clair” is your dominant one will probably have an effect on how you best choose. 

If you are clairaudient, for example, you might hear a noise or vibration from the crystal or a hear a spoken word in your ear. 

If you are clairvoyant, you may see one crystal having a particularly strong “God-light” around it (or if you are more clairvoyant you might have even more intense vision around and inside the crystal best suited for your particular use at this time). 

If you are clairsentient you may feel which crystal is calling to you. Maybe it feels warm to the touch, or maybe it gives you a feeling in your gut.

If you have claircognizance, maybe you have an almost inexplicable knowing which crystal will help you fulfill your desire.

These are just some of the ways in which we intuit things. We all intuit differently, and the more we develop one clair, the more the others develop as well.

(Side note: You can use this as a practice to discover which is your dominant clair, if that is something you are working to hone and develop.)

The next way you can pick a particular stone or crystal to work with you is to use a book or the internet. You can use books such as “The Book of Stones” or “Love is in the Earth”, or use sites such as Hibiscus Moon’s or do a general google search. You can search for stones to use with dreaming, or for using with your specific intention, or both.

You can place the stones on your 3rd eye chakra using tape, lie flat on your back with out tape, use an eye mask with a pocket at the 3rd eye that would traditionally be used to hold earphones (I got mine from REI), put them your pillowcase, or hold them in your hands. 

You can also make a crystal grid next to your bed and lay next to it. I have astral projected into the entrance of the Hall of Records this way.

The more focused your intention, the more success you will have. Try writing your intention and placing it under your grid or in your pillowcase. Meditate on it, make a mantra for it, and visualize it before bed. Or perhaps put it in a singing bowl and then go around the singing bowl 7 times clockwise. (Super powerful when done every day for a month for dreaming and also things, such as manifestation.) I recommend putting phones and electronic devices at least 30 minutes, but preferably an hour before bed. Put them on airplane mode and, if you can, in a different room entirely. Stretch, meditate, journal, envision, and focus your energy on what you want to experience in your sleep or what you want to know.

Don’t give up if it doesn’t come to you right away. These things sometimes take practice and patience and always more will be revealed with time. 

Try setting your clock for an obscure time to wake up and keep a journal next to your bed to write down anything you can think of. Or you can ask a question with the intention, take a nap, and see what is revealed. I have done this technique before and also found it helpful to have a friend to call to listen and take notes while I did a dream re-entry afterwards to uncover more detail. When you wake up in the morning, if you choose just to do it this way, write down everything you can, including: what time you woke up, what dominant feeling you had, any songs that might have been playing in your head or words that are coming up, smells, etc. Then try writing your dream as if you were still in the dream, “I am walking through a door. It is stuck. I hear voices on the other side…” etc. The more you practice the easier it will get and it will also aid in lucid dreaming. Even if I can’t remember anything, I find that if I just sit and write something as simple as, “I don’t remember anything but I am just going to sit here and type to show the universe how dedicated I am to remembering my dreams…” By the next day, I will have much stronger dream recall. 

I realize I am moving away from how to use crystals to more hard-core dream recall techniques, but in case you’re still with me, here are some tips for lucid dreaming:

Set the intention as described above. Use a tell for understanding you are dreaming. This can include: holding your nose to see if you can breath (I practice holding my nose in waking life so that I get used to the sensation as practice), counting your fingers, reading words or numbers, looking at a clock, turning on and off a light switch, etc. These can all be used as tells. My favorite is the nose thing, because sometimes I can read words and numbers in my dreams, and often I think my hands look normal. Sometimes I can even turn a light switch on and off, but if I hold my nose and I can still feel myself breathing, I know. Because I have practiced often, and use crystals often, etc, I generally now tend to “just know”. This is fun because then I like to ask things what they represent, how they need to be addressed in waking life, what to do with the information, and where my focus should be. And then of course it is fun just to visit other worlds and places and become different things and people. It’s also nice to be able to shift the course of the dream if that is what you desire.

So these are my brief techniques and ways to use crystals… there are lots of next level things you can do, like make crystal infused elixirs with specific essential oils to enhance dreaming and dream-time, or maybe to connect with your spirit guides or animals, but I won’t go into all that here. I will just leave you with a brief list of some of my favorite stones to use while dreaming:

Sugilite: This may be my favorite, simply because it is my favorite stone, is great for A811DEB4-B8D1-41B2-ABFF-08158C2AED44dreaming and psychic protection (which doesn’t hurt when dreaming), and I never take it off. So essentially, I am always using Sugilite for dreaming… lol

Moldavite: This is my particular favorite that I am not always wearing and use often in Dreamtime. It is great for aiding transformation and rebirth (a biggie for me on the important life goals spectrum), but it is also excellent for communicating with ETs. It is super powerful as well, so I think it takes on all tasks with ease.

Shamanic Dream Quartz: I don’t think this needs much explanation… lol

Golden Healer’s Quartz: I like to use this when I am approaching a dream to find healing or answers to what is afflicting me.

Indigo or Violet colored stones such as, Iolite, Blue Apatite, Sodalite, Lapiz Lazuli, Stitchtite, etc: stones of these color spectrum are good for connecting with the 3rd eye and/or crown chakras which is helpful for Dreamtime. Each have their own unique properties, but they are all good for dreaming, i find.

Apophyllite + Stillbite (or really any other zeolites): I am particularly snuggly with this guy at night when I want clear dreaming, and lucid dreaming, but want more of a pleasant, light marshmallow-y feeling in my sleep. I find it comforting and yet expansive.

Celestite: I like to use this to work with Angels in my sleep, or to call on them to protect me. 

Quartz: Let’s not leave out this guy. You can program him with your intentions and that is AMAZING.

I also recommend trying to sleep with each of your stones and crystals when you get them, just for general fun and to learn more about them. In fact, sleeping with your crystals is a great way to really get to know them and for them to get to know you at a more cellular level. I highly recommend it! Although all Amethysts vibrate “Amethyst”, depending on where they come from they might a bit of a different tune in the same melody, lets say. So experiment with your stones and see what each one says to you. I often also like to make a dreaming crystal “cocktail” of sorts, but I like to choose with intention, and set my crystals to about 3, so that there’s not many intentions heading out, basically muddying the energy field a bit- less focus, think of getting a magnifying glass to set flame to something… I think the more focused the energy the better… USUALLY. That’s just me. I have also set up crystal grids with one of many stones, all from outer space, to astral project and connect with ETs. Try what works for you.

These are my basic tips and tricks on using crystals with Dreamtime! Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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