The Emperor: Day 3

Happy Samhain, my friends! Today I want to tell you about yesterday’s Day 3 meditation.
The orchids here are from my husband to honor my Emperor journey, so I share them here.
Firstly, if you’ve been having a lot of pain around the idea of divine masculine, I want to reassure you that you are not alone. Oftentimes painful things that we push down come up for healing in this work. It is the beauty of it and how it really is sustained healing, rather than a temporary bandaid. I have a lot of stuff coming up to be cleansed, & new habits are begging to be born out of the still warm ashes.
Today’s meditation was focused on integration of aspects of the Emperor. My mantra was RAM, & I focused on feeling the energies fully. I did a chakra check in & tuning & work with the emotional body. I still was experiencing resistance so I asked Christ to help me. (Soon, I will do a more in depth post about how i do this, but I always begin by saying, “Lord, make me a channel of Thy peace.”)
The mantra that came in as I began to release resistance was, “I imbibe the qualities of the Emperor. I release all resistance.” I saw more lights streaming off me today than I had before. They were still all gold. I asked that I may receive the divine masculine energies within myself, & that Source imbue all those who wished to receive these energies with it as well. I continued to chant & to receive. There were very few messages today. A deep recognition of allowing & releasing resistance was still necessary. Near the end of the meditation I began to hear this mantra: “I make decisions for myself easily, & put them into action.” The few words that came in today were: Focus, Determination, Dedication, Decisiveness, Direct, Clarity, and Sharp Thinking.
An idea came through that it is important to call these energies to ourselves by standing in “power stances”. The particular stance I saw was to stand barefoot (if possible) with feet a few inches apart. Tuck in the tailbone. Stand straight with shoulders back. Head faces forward. Place your arms to your sides and out an inch or so, palms facing forward, pinkies next to your legs.
On my drive later, the moon stayed to my left with the sun to my right. I was in awe. They were rising within me- together. Equals. They were meeting in the space of the Lovers.
Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!
Yours in Oneness❤️Freedom

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