The Emperor

Day 1 Emperor Meditation:

The mantra I chose was “Ram”.

At some point near the beginning I saw a Golden Eagle fly over head and heard his piercing cry.
The word “Self-doubt” came in, with the realization it is what I most need to let go in order to fully integrate Emperor energy. The blockages not just from this life time, but others came up as well. I saw some lives where I was a warrior in my full-potential of divine masculine, and one where I was power hungry.
There were about 10 streams of light connecting to people who wanted to receive the energy of the meditation. Maybe 14. I asked that those who also wanted healing be able to heal with me as I cleansed myself. I found some blockages that were mine and some that were not throughout my body. I brought in my aura and pushed them all out and down into a great ball of light in the center of the earth to be cleansed. I felt an intense pressure on the right side of my head that was not connected to me, in case this resonates for someone. I also did a chakra clearing and rebalancing.
The words “Let it go. You are awake.” Began playing on repeat.

The Eagle flew above again, and dropped down a huge golden egg. This egg was divided into pieces to the people who asked for healing by the energy that goes by “Christ”.

The words, “Let it go. You are free.” Began playing.
The Eagle flew above again.
I saw Christ sitting with me as Buddha anointed my head and my crown widened further.


Then my alarm sounded, and I gathered the energy up and sent it to the right side of the head pressure for whoever may be having that right now. And I sent out more of this healing energy to the world at large. The streams that were being sent to each who asked as I meditated were gold, and I was told to keep and eye out for Golden Eagle.
Thank you all for joining me, and for giving me the honor to do this work. Maybe I have found my deepest calling.

Yours in Oneness💛Freedom

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