Triple Goddess Challenge Day 1

Some of my Instagram friends are hosting a tarot challenge for 39 days. The first day brought a lot of insight… too much indeed for an Instagram post… so it will go here instead!

Day 1: Maiden: Intention setting spread: ask each of the elements which way to grow or to plant seeds.

Earth- Pentacles: Stability, Security, Health, Finances, Manifestation:

Priestess of Wands (Upright and Left): To get even more clear, write a list of intentions. I have the creative abilities to do all l am endeavoring to do and to manifest, but organizing them a bit will help with even more clarity and directness. This will help with my earthly seeds right now.

Water- Cups: Emotions, Intuition, Dreams, Compassion:

Ace of Swords (Upright): Continue to take the action I am currently taking. Use my mental facilities in dealing with matters of the heart a bit now, too. Marry the emotions with the mental clarity I have been feeling to create new things, and to enhance dreaming specifically.

Air- Swords: Communication, Thoughts, Information, Intention, Meditation:

Daughter of Swords (Upright): Continue to take action. Do not worry so much about overcoming, as I already am overcoming. Any blocks will be minute compared to what I have already accomplished. Continued daily meditation practice will help. Watch to make sure I am not letting ego run the show and using sharp words in unnecessary defense.

Fire- Wands, passion, creativity, Energy, Sexuality, Personal Power:

Wheel of Fortune (Upright and Left): This is my first time to draw this card in this deck and HOW FRIGGEN FUN! It indicates in this position “Aquarius: Artemis of Ephesus, Last Millenium B.C. -Artemis welcomes many to her numerous breasts. She renews her energy in quiet moments. She is ready again to open her arms to others.” WOW! Well, I’ll be looking up more on Artemis and in the mean time I’m going to think about how this applies to how to grow in FIRE. Aquarius is an Earth sign. My Venus is in Aquarius. I think it says I have all that I need to help all that I want, but I must recharge the batteries alone. I recharge alone and haven’t been taking the time out to so much, except by staying up at all hours of the night. SO alone time intermittently with sharing love, gifts, joy, and talents.

Spirit: Connection to Spirit, Goddess, or to bond with the deck in general:

Priestess of Cups (Rx and Right): Hmmm… It took me awhile to figure out (while upside down) which direction this card wanted to go. I don’t know that I feel it is on point. But I also do not want to deceive myself.

There is a part of me right now that feels very determined in a certain direction, but supported by the Universe as well in that. But I will say I’ve been feeling a slight disconnect from Spirit, but in a weird way. I don’t know if I can explain it properly. I see all the signs and symbols. Every 3333 or other number arrangement (yesterday 3 3333s for example). I see every white dove (5 today) and green parrot (3 today). I see all the signs and symbols. I feel the energy. I feel the card get warm when it is the “right” one. I feel my crystals. I hear Spirit whisper in my ear. All of these things. And yet, even though I talk constantly to Spirit, it feels a bit off lately. A tiny veil of a disconnect. Even in meditation. And I feel like I know how to get back and yet I’m doing all the things I ever did before to feel that connection, so I’m not sure what else to do. Part of me thinks it has to do with being in Austin. I just feel SO grounded here. That would probably be a “good” thing according to most people. Okay. I get now why I pulled this card…

Lots to think on now, my Loves!

Yours in Onenessđź’–Freedom

(PS Find out the following days on my IG account if interested @freedom_awakening )



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