October Chakra Check-In

(I used two decks today to get a feel for how it might be to use the Moon Deck instead of the Medicine Cards from time to time. I actually enjoyed using them in conjunction for clarity and they aligned nicely. Not necessarily photographically perfect, but the CLARITY! Whoa!!!)


Root: Blue Heron (Rx) and “Love and intimacy flow into my life effortlessly.”

This actually gave me a lot to think about that things are not always “totally out of alignment” or “totally in alignment”. For one, I feel most of my chakras are quite balanced at the moment. And more rooted than normal. I did immediately think of my husband when I saw the Blue Heron, and so I think it relates some to the intimacy in relationship perhaps, but would think more so if it was in sacral chakra. The Blue Heron is about self-reflection, and Rx is about being so immersed in “fixing” the self to some level of perfection that we lose balance. The part of me that is “off balance” right now according to a recent card reading is 4 of Coins (in the Spirit arena)-very earthy. Perhaps this is part of the deal. Being so deeply immersed in finding all the shadows that I forget the joys and the intimacy, not just with my husband, but with others in general. Perhaps sometimes I get so caught up in “fixing” myself and integrating shadows, that I forget to love the me that I am in the present moment. That I forget the love, closeness, and intimacy I can offer myself- and I don’t mean sexually 😂

(I feel like a lot of the cards here, and other places recently is a lot about collaboration with others, and maybe it’s time to get some of the ideas I have into works. This card indicates an opening and a shared connection with others as well as with myself when in conjunction with this Heron Rx.)

Sacral: Whale (Rx) and “I celebrate my lineage and honor my ancestors.”

Well… these 2 are perfect together, are they not? The Whale is all about record keeping and the Akashic Records. So I really love the extra validation here of the second cards. I also pulled this ancestor Moon Deck card today for “which card embodies and will help me with my grid intention next to my bed?” Interestingly, that grid has a lot to do with manifestation and using my creativity to be productive and implement the changes I am desiring in my life to more proactively fulfilling my life’s purpose. So it seems I need to call on my ancestors for help and to recognize and utilize my creative roots in order to heal myself and others and achieve the desired results.

Solar Plexus: Alligator and “I trust the change unfolding in my life.”

I think this is mostly in balance except for in its connection to the heart chakra cards a slight bit of work to be done. Because all the chakras work together as a whole. So there’s that. But individually, this chakra is saying that it does trust. The Alligator (one of my totems) is all about integration and indicates that as the changes are unfolding I am integrating them. And I am undergoing a LOT of changes at the moment!!!

Heart: Butterfly (Rx) and “I am courageous, steady, and strong.”

Butterfly (Rx) is about having courage to transform and make changes, so again the bottom card mimics the top. Scooter (my husband) scavenged me a Butterfly (Rx) today also and so I meant to look it up to see about what it meant… and here it is. So perhaps there is a bit of nervousness in my heart around making certain changes. I still am doing them, as Solar Plexus showed. But perhaps I can bring more courage of heart to the table. Trust my heart more. I often tend to rely more on my head and intellect than on my heart and intuition. At least I many times feel like I need to understand the heart on an intellectual level probably more than is really necessary. I need to get the root all balanced out to help aid in the courageousness of the heart. Again, this intimacy- a softness. Softness is courage, to me, but sometimes with all my fiery-ness I find a difficulty in getting this soft. Also, I do need to meditate on if there is any steps and changes I need to do and can do now and act on them. I need to really listen just to make sure I am not missing anything, being careful not to submerge to deep and further off balance Heron.

Throat: Moose and “There is medicine in my shadow.”

I love the Moose here because the Moose card is all about using your voice to express your wisdom and what you’ve learnt. And I’ve learnt a LOT in my shadows and am starting to share my experiences and myself with confidence. (Also, Moose is one of my totems and currently one of my favorites… maybe favorite…)

Third Eye: Jaguar and “We are all sisters and reflect the divine in one another.”

The Jaguar is one of my favorites because it is “Integrity/Impeccability”, which makes my ego happy anyways… but the Jaguar has an important message when in conjunction with the Moon Card… Do not become so self-important and believe myself to be “the enlightened one”, but rather recognize the divinity in all humanity as well. That we are reflections of each other. I think actually the cards in this position rather denote “good job” on not judging, on remembering the divinity of your sisters and brothers and yourself as well. Good job for walking down your path and trying to keep thought, word, and action in alignment. Remember to keep it up and to encourage others as well.

Crown: Fox and “Collaboration brings more sweetness into my life and into the world.”

At first I thought perhaps Fox was overactive Crown, but after reading I am thinking perhaps very much in alignment. I was thinking only of the cunningness of Fox. But Fox has lots of great qualities other than cunningness. In the book it says Fox teaches Oneness. In conjunction with the bottom card, I’d say that it is trying to speak a lot to Oneness and connectedness. Fox is the wind, which denotes to me open Crown. And currently, I will work on expanding further by trying to get a group of women together to expand our consciousness, that we may reflect the divine to each other.

Yours in Oneness💖Freedom

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