The Raven

Raven is one of my totems and I kept seeing them (mostly to my right) my whole trip. I mean Ravens EVERYWHERE. I really wanted to be gifted a Raven feather as memory of my trip and our connection, as I had not yet seen a Raven in Austin, TX. So i kept asking the Universe for signs of where I might find a Raven feather. My husband and I stopped at a place thinking we saw one, but alas it was only a piece of tire. Driving out of Santa Fe I thought I had received some guidance from Raven and Universe that I may find a feather in a particular spot. We turned around and searched and searched to no avail (and then made out a little at the side of the road…). We switched seats and I drove through Vaughn the whole way looking at the beautiful rain clouds, rainbows, and sunset that did not disappoint on the amount of Ravens flying through the luminous scenes around us. When we got out of Vaughn, it began raining on us and the wind was blowing strong.


I yelled, “Oh my God the feather!!!” And I had to drive quite a ways further in order to turn around and go back. (I couldn’t stop in time due to the rain.) I thought we’d lost it for sure. I said, “Oh no! There’s no way we can find it in this wind!” My husband, who has learned a lot from me about manifesting, gave me back my own advice… “Not with that attitude, you won’t.” Knowing he was right, I decided to shift my focus…
And there it was. Somehow sitting still in the ferocious wind. Just waiting for me. And then I found TWO more. One for each time we had stopped. Then my husband walked to me from the other side of the road holding TWO more. This was amazing. There was not a dead Raven anywhere in the area. Just a bunch of Raven feathers being gifted to me from this Universe that is so honorable.

And then we made out a little more.

On our way home, we saw my Raven brother as close to our RV spot in Central TX as 30 minutes away. He’s been my totem for some time now, and he’s not done with me yet. More on the story of Raven in the last few days to follow soon!

Yours in Oneness❤️Freedom

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