“I have many teachers, but I am my own Master.”

This phrase popped into my mind the other day and repeated itself over and over. It was a message from Spirit, a message from deep within my subconscious. I thought about it further. I understood “Master” to mean “Master Teacher”. It could also read, “Everyone is my teacher, but I am my guru.” It was the same sentiment, but the words chosen for me were the specific ones above:

“I have many teachers, but I am my own Master.”

I contemplated why it didn’t say “Master Teacher” in the first place, since that FELT like the meaning. I thought briefly of writing a blog about it, but shoved the idea aside… “I don’t have time for blogs at the moment.” I am prone to forget these glimpses of insight that I receive daily. I know they stick somewhere- that they are not TRULY forgotten. But the wording becomes a jumble amidst all of the other nuances I experienced in my third dimensional life that day.

But it is maybe a week later, and still it persists:IMG_0026

“I have many teachers, but I am my own Master.”

It is a mantra pleasantly rattling around in my head, coming up from the primordial thought-soup of my mind on random occasions.

And I don’t know what to write about it per-se. I only know that it wants to be written. So I will do my best here…

I’ve said a very long time that we are each our own best teacher. I have very few blogs at this point in my “blogging career” and I have already written this very thing. I believe I came here to be a teacher. I believe we all came to be teachers and students, both. And I believe the most important thing I have to teach anyone is that they are their own best teacher- their own best Master. I believe that all of the best teachers share this sentiment.

Things don’t click until they click. We don’t take action until we are ready. In this illusion of time we have chosen to take part in, we learn at the moment we are willing to learn. We learn by our thoughts, words and actions. Each thought we think teaches us something about ourselves. This is nothing new. We all know this. But maybe sometimes we forget that when we *think* we are teaching others, the person we are MOST teaching is ourself.

I often like to evaluate a conversation after it is done and I am alone. I am interested in what I learned form the other person, and, perhaps more importantly, I like to think on what I said and what idea I was teaching myself by saying it. Sometimes I think back and realize I taught myself, and reaffirmed within myself, something that was fear based and untrue. Then I must teach myself how it is an illusion and to show myself where Love comes in and fills in the cracks of the false idea, thus eradicating it from the subconscious mind. The contrast helps me to see the Truth, and I have to learn the Truth. But only I can FULLY teach myself what is True. I must go within.

071I view what seems to be “outside” of me through my own Freedom Perspectacles. My husband, Scooter, views things with his own Scooter Perspectacles. If I am viewing through my Perspectacles, I cannot teach him the Truth through those lenses. He must find his Truth for himself. If one is truly a seeker on the path, and is devoted to finding the Truth, it cannot be withheld. Because the seeker is also the Truth holder.

So what am I teaching myself tonight?

Well, by typing it over and over I learn more deeply, “I have many teachers, but I am my own Master.”

That when Spirit persists, I will heed the call. That I can do the things asked of me. That I can teach myself by typing what I learn as I learn it. That I am my own Master.

I am teaching myself that I admire all of my teachers. I am grateful for them. Everyone I meet is my teacher. Everything I encounter with any of my senses is my teacher. I am not THE Creator, but I am A Creator. I am not THE Master, but I am A Master. And I am my own Master Teacher. Everything I need to know, that I need to learn, is within me, and I can find it easily if I am willing and if I get quiet and listen to the voice within. The voice that merges with the Song of all things. I ask what I need to learn and the answers come effortlessly, if I am willing to allow them in.

I thank all of my teachers, particularly Christ, who is my favorite teacher. And I also thank my Self- my own Master Teacher.

With much Love and Gratitude<3


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