Here’s to another year sober!

This marks year 13 for me… somehow there is less excitement and momentum this year than normal, but I fail to recognize this as a “bad” thing. To the contrary, I think my life of sobriety feels like the REAL me and my REAL life in a way that my drinking self never did.

I always felt detached. I was always trying to escape. I would say that now, my escapism may include some tasty vegan and gluten-free dessert, but for the most part, I am willing to face my trials, my fears- hell, even my triumphs- head on and without brushing aside my deeply human feels. My life feels so blessed now, even through the struggles.

It’s been a weird year for us all. I’m not sure how it’s been for all of my readers, especially as I have been so disengaged from social media in all forms, but for me and my family, it has been a time of deep healing and connection to those in our very innermost circle. There have been some extraordinary challenges alongside some beautiful epiphanies. There have been moments of resistance and feelings of separation or aloneness alongside moments of intense connection and unspeakable closeness. The growth of this year has been astounding for us as a family unit.

And that is how it goes, isn’t it? This painful birthing process breeds new life and a new spark!

Thus it was with sobriety for me as well… hitting my low was something I would not wish upon anyone, and YET just LOOK at what it birthed!!!

Out of all the chaos and dysfunction A BALANCE WAS CREATED.

Because that is the point of this 3rd dimension full of contrasts, is it not? The pain points directly to what we are seeking… to our true purpose.

Not our occupations, but our PURPOSE.

All of my experiences continue to point me towards balance… towards finding a middle path that is steeped in compassion and love.

My sobriety has offered me a chance at that, but so did my drinking… because without the bleakness that I faced, I do not think i could have touched the LIGHT in such a profound way.

So while I no longer feel attached to my “old life”, I am forever grateful for where it has brought me… because it brought me to my KNEES… and without learning that kind of SURRENDER, I know I would continue through this life with a blindfold covering my eye… totally blind and having no idea.

I am grateful for my emotions which always point the way to my next lesson and my healing.

And I am grateful to you for being here with me today, and sharing my journey with me!

I hope to be contributing here more… My creative spark has been a bit on the back burner… well, maybe that is subjective… my creative spark has been utilized a lot in the home, but not in the area of mass communication… and I really do enjoy to share and create content and most of all, to CONNECT to beautiful BEings such as yourself!

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed day today and always!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

Hiking last month!

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