Meditation Hack

Sometimes meditating can present SUCH a challenge for me, as was the case today. I *try* my best to tell my body, “It’s just 33 minutes… you can do ANYTHING for 33 minutes… you spend 33 minutes on social media or a ‘Friends’ episode easily!” But ALAS! Such self-talk is rarely the most successful pep talk I can muster up. During majority of my time today I thought of one gagillion things and found myself on my constant reminder of, “Whoops! You’re thinking again, Freedom, let’s bring awareness back to the breath!” And then, right near the end:

“AHA!” I was thinking about how IMPORTANT it is when I meditate that I remember I am going to meet GOD (Source, Higher Self, Universal Consciousness) and how that it is a ReAlLy HUGE deal, and how much it is so deserving of my utmost devotion and attentiveness, when it occurred to me:


If we are honest with ourselves, we often give a celebrity we just LOVE our undivided attention and hang onto every word they say. We become very excited, JOYFUL even at what is about to unfold. So say I KNOW I am going to meet one of my favorite spiritual guides or musicians, for example…you know, someone who REALLY inspires me… I thought, “How would I present myself? Would I be smiling? What is the real FEELING I would get?” Here, I felt into meeting people I highly respect for the first time… and really allowed it to flood me. “Now, how FOCUSED would I be on what that person had to say? How much ENERGY would I be pouring out to that human? How much LOVE? Can I at least EQUALLY match it when I realize the depth of who I am meeting? What meeting is greater than with that of the Divine?”

Now while I recognize that Source IS us and is simultaneously all around us, if I treat this as an interaction with ONE (which it is truly anyway, right? All oneness!) how can that impact my meditation and my approach to it? Can I integrate that into my every day life so that the dialogue is not, “Ugh… I REALLY should meditate…”, but rather shifts into, “HOLY MOLY I am about to have a meeting with GOD!!!!!” Because if I can REALLY learn to integrate that shift… I mean… can you even imagine how POWERFUL that would be??

Shortly after this my meditation alarm went off and I realized that (ironically), yet again I spent my time primarily focused on my thoughts. However, I am excited to incorporate this more into my daily life and see how that feels and works for me! I thought I’d share it with you as well, because you never know who else something may help, amiright?

And lastly! I attribute a lot of this insight to my work with this bottle in the image! It’s called, “Crystal Cave/Heart Within the Heart” and is also (unofficially) deemed “the meditation bottle. It’s my second time working with it (and I NEEDED the second go round!) and it always helps SO MUCH with my practice!


Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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  1. My yoga teacher always says “the hardest part of meditating is patience.”
    which is one of the main things I try to work on. I usually get so frustrated because I can’t stop moving or thinking but once I actually relax my body and mind, I realize I have to be more patient with myself. That’s why I love meditating it shows me patience not just with life but with myself too.

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