As I began to shift my perspectacles of the world, it occurred to me that so often we seek out the differences of others, rather than where we are the same. Often we don’t even REALIZE that we seek out differences, but our shadows WANT to see the differences. Sometimes in an effort to protect, sometimes in an effort to show us what we DON’T want, & sometimes because the ego seeks to show a world of separation as opposed to oneness… or all of the above…

What we then miss is how we are the same – how we are one & connected.

We also miss the mirror.

What aspects of self do I see in the person before me that I am not willing to own or integrate… that I am not allowing awareness to penetrate?

When I shift into this type of thinking, I can tell because I have a reaction within. Then I move into this series of self inquiry:

“Where do I hold that vibration within myself?”

“When have I acted similarly?”

“Do I still need to forgive myself & to heal & integrate that aspect of self?”

This can be done with a light heart!!! One of the reasons we are unable to do this type of inquiry or experience resistance is because our egoic inner voice is SOOOO self critical. It feels like it would be MUCH to painful to take a look at the aspects of ourselves that we have shut down because at some point they have caused us pain.

BUT once we release resistance to looking within, we move PAST the fears & find JOY and comfort in our awareness! We see how we are the same and all wholly lovable and all made of the same fabric of the universe. We begin to see ourselves & others through the perspective of LOVE. We see how we are the same. We ARE love. We ARE forgiveness. We ARE compassion.

We create connections when we are willing to immediately look for the similarities and find common ground with others… we see how much we are the same. As this becomes habitual, then we will notice the reactions that we have to others that are from separation mindset & use that as a catalyst & light to bring more aspects of ourselves into integration. 

All conflict is showing us where & how to heal… what we do & don’t want… how to integrate & step further into our own divinity & to recognize the divinity of our brothers & sisters. We see that we are WHOLE and HOLY & that we are connected to everything & everyone around us.

In the pain we find the salve we seek.

And then the peace wells up from within! We are no longer a victim to the circumstances around us, our moods flailing at the drop of a hat. We master ourselves: mind, body, spirit! And by our actions we teach others that it is safe for them to walk their unique path & personal journey as well!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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