A Bit About Me

Hi! I want to introduce myself to my new friends here!

My name is Freedom Jennings, & I am a healer & tarot reader… so I guess it goes without saying (?) an intuitive (& HSP).
For fun! Here are 10 things about me!
1. I have been collecting all things NARWHAL since ~2005… which was fine before they became popular… & now I live in a narwhal house (to be CLEAR… I’m am GRATEFUL about that 😂)
2. I have been reading Tarot since I was 15 & practicing dream interpretation since I was probably 4… although… I do remember many dreams from infancy. (I am 38 now… I *think*… lol) & I have always enjoyed helping others to crossover into their beyond & speaking with “ghosts”.

3. I am an animal person in general, but VERY connected to dogs, & I have 2 named Bellatrix & Nymphadora!

4. I have been writing, reading & creating artwork since I was very young, in a way that shocked my teachers, & I still love all of those things to this day… (MOST especially SHOCKING PEOPLE… 😂)

5. I am VERY passionate about eating organic plant based food, & purchasing only #vegan goods. I have been vegan for ~ 7/8 years. I care strongly about what energectics I put into my energy field. I am passionate about healing the planet & therefore, I am an avid composter & work towards zero-waste lifestyle.

6. I have been sober since 02/08/08, & I love it! I wake up so #grateful for my human experiences (ALL of them!) & that is such a miracle & a blessing!

7. I love to play with time!

8. I lived in Austin, TX from infancy until my late 20s & then was a full-time RVer for about 5 years! I lived mostly around CO.

9. I have lived in the middle of the woods during an OR winter (6 months) in an RV without running water or electricity. I cooked on a firepit, foraged for mushrooms, went to the bathroom outside, & talked to plants & animals all day! I was 20 miles away from any cell service!

10. I’m way into learning about quantum physics, & how crystals & other metaphysical tools work within the context of the quantum field/science.

Thanks for sharing space with me here! I look forward to connecting with you!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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