The Magic at Your Fingertips

I feel the shifting inside my body.

It is not subtle, but loud.

Perhaps not to others, but my sensitivity to my Self & my body often acts like an exposed nerve- feeling even the smallest sensations acutely.

I love the shifting. I love the change. I love the growth. I love the flourishing.

Pulsing on top of my Crown penetrates an energetic block, as years of cloaked pressures alleviate themselves as the warm, orange waters bubble up from my sacrum.

I am keenly aware of this newness in my body that is a TRANSITION from trying to be positive to BEING positive.

It is a natural flow without resistance.

I knew the resistance was there, but it is often hard to feel the fullness of the weight until it has disappeared.

And what is springing forth is this MAGIC that I knew SOMEWHERE was laying dormant within me all along.

My coffers are FULL.

The well is DEEP.

This is the gift of RADICAL SELF-CARE- of righteous healing.

This is not a path for the faint of heart, but most find it when they are broken down & are wobbly with their weariness.

The GIFT is this magic, this knowing of Self, this dance with the Divine.

It never leaves us, but patiently awaits us at our fingertips- ready to create whole universes, fit for our pleasure!

May you touch your magic today & everyday! It is ready for you!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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