August 2019: My Personal Spread


Month: The Devil

Situation: The Hierophant

Opportunity: 5 of Swords

Known: The Tower

Unknown: Ace of Wands

Past Influences: Mother of Swords

Future Influences: Son of Wands

The Self: The Chariot

Environmental Factors: 4 of Wands

Hope & Fear: Daughter of Swords (with The Sun clarifier)

Potential Future: The Emperor

Significator of the Month: The Devil

It will perhaps be a challenging month in terms of letting go of the bondage of self, that is encumbered by the chains of fear, but doable, because I hold the keys!

(The Hierophant) It will be a good month in terms of teaching myself, AND teaching others. It’s ALSO a good month to LET MYSELF BE TAUGHT. Remaining teachable (as Erryk would say) is an important aspect of relinquishing the chains that bind us to ego. I do have a lot to share with the world, and that will be on the forefront this month.

In terms of where the opportunity for growth is (5 of Swords) I’m really going to be facing down some of my most limiting and outdated beliefs… the ones that continue to cut me down & cause strife within my inner world. As 5s are all about change & Swords reflect the inner workings of the mind, I am going to be coming up against some painful belief systems that are ready to be relinquished. I will have to be clear about which ways I am my own worst enemy, & what ways I tend to self-sabotage… the good part about this as it has already begun, as is depicted by the known Tower, & the past influences of the Mother of Swords, actually…

Known is The Tower, which has been coming up a LOT. The Tower has been shown to me in my dreams & represented my move to Austin a few years ago. I still came by choice… often, in order to build our homes on firm foundations, we must first tear down the of structure we built up! This has been a painful, but necessary process, with ZERO regrets… there is still more here, as indicated by the 5 of Swords, but the change in on the horizon, & the other cards in the spread really bode well to indicate this!

The Unknown factor at play is the Ace of Wands! YAY! A great new energy for my creative pursuits & endeavors! I can harness that energy & really propel myself forward on this new foundation! BUT I must not let it slip away! It is important to harness the energy as it arises!

Past energetic influences is “Mother of Swords”. This card in this placement is not indicative of another human here, but of myself. I have been REALLY in the mind. I have had to be. I have had MANY responsibilities that have required my full mental focus. And that is aiding me now! It’s aiding me in my healing, in my business, & in the changes of old belief systems & mental clarity… it’s prepping me for this “final round”… NOW that’s not to say growth will be over by the end of the month, but it WILL be a new era, & a LOT of freshness, creativity, & standing in my own personal power is going to be on the way…

Which is also shown by the Future energetic influences: The Son of Wands! The Son of Wands is a passionate & fiery creative force! Again, court cards can represent specific people, but here he is talking about MOVING FORWARD! Moving forward proudly, with fervor! And I love how he is facing towards the right! That is again showing this forward movement! This energy is here to aid me in my creative pursuits & in ALL of my passions!

The Self is represented by The Chariot! This was my year spread card for July as well! Again, we have REALLY forward moving ideas! This can be a pull in a couple of different directions, so it is important for me to maintain balance as I navigate, so that I may move full speed ahead into the direction of my dreams! It is time to FOCUS! I also may be doing some traveling… I travel a lot… so there is is!

The Environmental Influences at this time is 4 of Wands! That’s super on point! I am happy & sturdy within my relationship & home situation! There is a LOT of joy & stability & celebration of union there!

What I Hope & Fear is interesting! 2 cards came out… without looking I used my pendulum to see if one was hope, & the other fear (sometimes this happens!) & it was very clear that the Daughter of Swords was supposed to be both & that the other card wasn’t representive here… HOWEVER, I checked as I put it back in the deck for funzies, & it was the Sun. I finished the reading & then wanted to pull a clarifier for the Daughter & pulled (YOU GUESSED IT!) THE SUN!!! Love it!! SO! I really WANT to step into these NEW thought paradigms, but I am ALSO feeling some trepidation… after all, these are BIG ideas! Luckily, the Sun shines on me while I move through this, & THAT is the best news of all!

(Related: I had a dream last night that there were big animal monsters in a cave & they kept getting bigger. As they approached me they started getting a bit smaller… I kind of moved away, but didn’t run, & kept my eye on them. When they were right next to me they had turned into stuffed animals, something that has made me feel safe since I was a kid! So this dream is ALSO an indicator that although I may fear the “monsters in my head” I will be able to overcome them with my inner child & PLAYFULLY!)

Given that the energies do not shift, The Emperor is my Potential Future card, & I could NOT BE happier!!! This card used to REALLY irk me, but I’ve been working hard on it for YEARS! In fact, it also came up in conjunction with my Tower card when I was understanding about my moving to Austin. This is EXCELLENT! I’m really going to have moved through things to have stepped into my own PERSONAL POWER! YAY!!!

The Furthest Energies are the 9 of Wands. Nines are about completion, & I am really just BEGINNING my creative project that the Ace of Wands in talking about! So there is more to do still! And that is GREAT for me right now!

If you’re still here: thanks for reading! Yayyy!!!

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