Astrology: What is it good for?

I’ve known I was a “Sagittarius” all my life. Known my birthstone and all that jazz. But that was really about the extent of my knowledge. About a year ago, I became more interested in Astrology. Typical Freedom fashion, I try to learn it all in a book and articles online, and now through the super fabulous site I love:

I’ve never had a chart done for me or interpreted for me, so it’s a slow process where I learn about myself a little at a time.

Now I have 2 main focuses for this article, so bare with me here. The first focus is how I’ve found astrology useful. This thought process began when I saw a meme that has Kermit the Frog on it and talks about that it’s ridiculous to use astrology as an excuse to be an asshole. Perhaps you’ve seen it. It’s this one here:


Firstly it made me laugh out loud, snort included. And THEN, naturally, it gave me a lot to think about. I like taking responsibility for myself, my thoughts, my actions. I like going into the shadows and finding the stuff, bringing it to the surface and integrating it all. But I also love astrology.

True: astrology could be used as an excuse to escape responsibility of one’s self. Lots of things are used for this anyways. The ego LOVES to blame.

However, I personally see astrology as more of a map as to which issues I signed up to heal: what aspects of myself and my ancestors are my largest focus in this incarnation, and the best ways to go about solving these things. It shows me what my strengths and weakness are so that I may compensate and try to bring a balance to my life, or how to best go about any given situation.

Here’s my other thought about this subject (and then I’ll get to the second thing I wanted to talk about in this blog…): When we come into this world, we see things through our pineal gland- through our Source perspective. Then we gradually develop the “ego”. And we see more out of our eyeballs than our 3rd eye, until we realize we need and want to “wake up”. To me, astrology is just a map of the ego. It doesn’t touch my Spirit. I mean, I’m sure that some of the houses, 12th, for instance, discuss this and give me an idea of some past life stuff, which is probably also from 3rd dimension. I feel that, for the most part, it gives me a map to this particular lifetime and this 3d experience from this particular Source perspective that goes by Freedom. Now, like I said, I’m new to astrology so don’t burn me at the stake if I’m wrong about what it shows us about Spirit… lol lol lol, but from my early beginnings into the subject, this is how it appears to me. So that being said…

NO- Let’s not use astrology as an excuse to be an asshole and not deal with our shadow and our shit, but let us use it to understand our shadows and our shit and love ourselves fully, aware of who we are and what we came to do, and to integrate all aspects of ourselves so that we might raise up consciousness by bringing the subconscious to the light. That was probably a super run on sentence, but honestly, all my poor grammar and spelling and stuff is really good for that snotty OCD Virgo Moon I have… LOL.


OKAY! Second thing! I am learning about Jupiter in Scorpio. So, in case you’re like me and just learning, Jupiter just entered Scorpio. That means it’s transiting through Scorpio for the next 13 months (according to online resources). From what I can find online, the last time it transited through here was October 2005-November 2006). Now, this is of particular interest to me because Jupiter just so happens to be in Scorpio in my natal chart. In fact… It is the ONLY Scorpio in my chart… and other than my North Node (which I still remain woefully ignorant about) it is the ONLY water in my chart. But Jupiter is a big planet so Hey. Incidentally, I am also Sagittarius dominant. My sun sign is Sag, and I have a Sag stellium. Jupiter rules Sag… so how does it effect my personality (ego) being in Scorpio, and that it is in my 5th house, and what does this transit mean for me? (Anybody? Anybody? Lol) SO I’m still trying to figure all that out. But with all these articles, it has led me to some interesting things about myself that feel comforting to have a “reason” behind them. From a lot of the articles I’ve been reading, I am starting to deduce that this placement effects HOW I am creative, for one thing. I always express my darkness and shadows through my art. I always have. My family HATED that. “Oh you are such a good artist, but why do you draw all this bloody evil stuff and whatnot? Paint some happy flower, etc, etc.” But that is just NOT how I express that side of me generally. As I’ve healed a lot of wounded aspects of myself (and a lot of that has been through art itself…), and tried to use art as an expression to uplift myself, my paintings and artwork and songs and poetry have became more and more filled with light. Honestly though, when I was reading stuff that (in my head) said, “These placements mean you express your shadows through art…” I was like holy fucking AWESOMENESS! That is the best thing EVER!” That probably has a lot to do with being made to feel like my art was “bad”, but now I feel like, “What do I want to create???”

To be honest, my shadows no longer scare me. I’ve dragged myself through the murkiest shadows and come out all the better. I’ve been institutionalized enough times and had to REALLY work on my stuff so that I didn’t commit suicide. I still have stuff in the shadows, but it’s habit to dig through them and I am mostly very joyous to do so. (Except for when Chiron starts having its way with me… lol… how’s THAT for chart blaming?) And the dark stuff being mostly brought to light, it doesn’t show up in my art as much anymore. But honestly, it is something very difficult for me, who is all sunshiny and happy most of the time, to express this joyful aspect of myself in my art. It just feels foreign and weird to me. I’m more used to drawing John the Baptist’s head on a platter, which was a subject for most of my high school career or depictions of people that look like they’ve just encountered Jack the Ripper. Or sexual stuff. You know. Whatever.

So, I have a lot to learn, but I’m going to keep at this astrology thing, especially in connection with tarot, because I love all that. We will see where this path takes me. Thanks for hanging out and reading this far if you are all the way down here! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Yours in Oneness❤️Freedom

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  1. Hey you seem to have a pretty good grip on this area of your chart. It’s hard to stop once you get the astro bug and you have so much exploration to look forward to. Scorpio does not do cute or shallow. Be prepared to do some more deep sea diving. Scorpio likes to get into the depths and explore dark waters.
    It is intense. With Jupiter here in your 5th house of creativity, it is a must for you to express yourself viscerally and honestly. Also very healing so it doesn’t matter if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Scorpio is fab for research and investigation. It would be interesting to see how it connects with your Chiron. Another interesting area for further exploration is black moon Lilith. But it’s all about taking it at your own pace. Cheers!

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