Last Sunday I went to a new church, Unity Church of the Hills in Austin, TX. I used to attend Unity of Boulder, and have visited various Unity’s around Austin. Yesterday something familiar happened followed right away by something consciously unfamiliar- resulting in an epiphany.

When I walked in I could see everyone’s God Light- the bright light that is the first and easiest thing to see when one begins attempts to see the aura. It is around EVERYTHING. I can’t always see it though, and to be honest, I’m not always looking. But when I go into a Unity Church I always see it around the people in the pews ahead of me, and sometimes in the decor, and in the pews themselves. I looked at it for a bit and enjoyed it, and then decided I would let myself open further and see their auras, something I’m not generally super adept at.

Immediately my Eye opened and the effect was so intense and bright that I immediately became overwhelmed- fearful, if I take time to pinpoint such a brief sensation, and everything became mundane as quickly as I was able to see the Truth. Because I practice feeling into myself and observing myself with frequency, I saw this happen and wondered how often it has happened before. I’ve learned the importance of doing this with dedicated practice is that I always uncover and unearth more and more. More and more comes to the surface. I become more and more willing to open further and see myself objectively, lovingly and without judgement.

I looked deeper. Is this my block to seeing auras? This must be the crux of my block- a part of me has remained fearful of opening my eye fully. As much as this HUGE part of me moves towards this opening and does all it can to let go completely, surrender, and see the inherent Truth of the Universe, there is this sliver of fear. And this sliver cuts me off from experiencing Spirit with my whole Self. Cuts me off from my Divine Inheritance.

Afterwards, I tried again, and just observed. The mind- the ego mind- still remained in feelings of apprehension and trepidation. A God Light flickered feebly from a few people a couple of times and then my Sight was enveloped by the veil.

“It’s okay. I still love me. And I will remember. Because I must. And when I do remember, it will be now. Because that’s all there really is anyways,” I reminded myself.

(*Note* Realizing this, I released the fear and the block with great intention the next day during the Solar Eclipse. I hope to write more about this soon.  Some wild things have happened since, and some deep openings… and for that I am truly Grateful!)

Yours in Oneness<3Freedom


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