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Today’s blog is inspired by a tag I received from one of my favorite tarot readers ever: Daniela Abend, owner of http://www.mytarot3.com.

What are the 5 things I love most about the Tarot (and Oracle cards) and what 5 things I love least.

Well, I suppose the top 5 things I love are relatively easy.

1. Tarot never gets old.  Seriously I could even use the same deck forever, and it wouldn’t lose its value to me. I’ve been using Tarot since high school with a few year hiatus in there somewhere. As soon as I picked it up again, I loved its familiarity, and have not put it down again since. I am the kind of person who could possibly embody the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I love to learn about things and I love to learn about ALL things, so I tend to find a challenge in sticking with something for years. Not with Tarot! ( Or eating vegan, incidentally!) So while other tools, ideas, subjects or activities may lose their luster over time for me, Tarot is in it for the long haul.

2. Insight! Insight! Insight! It’s okay if my crown and third eye are a bit fuzzy today, because the cards will help me understand the meaning of this. By “this” I mean ANYTHING! The cards aid in my clarity when things feel less than clear, or provide extra insight into something I already know. I use cards to assist in deciphering dreams, revelations, thoughts, actions, what the day might bring, how to maneuver through a tricky situation… ANYTHING.

3. Connects me with Spirit. I connect with Spirit through many means: dreaming, meditation, food, and yoga- to name a few- but I also connect to God with Tarot. I don’t always understand the messages from the universe, and it allows me to hear the Divine in another way. I believe that Great Spirit knows my every thought even better than I do, when living, thinking and feeling from my egoic self, and so as much as I find gratitude in being able to express my desires and manifest them in co-creation with Creative Source, I also believe it almost more important to hear Source. Source perspective sees all. And using the Tarot enables me to hear Spirit, even when I am not hearing with clairaudience, knowing, or feeling. And different then #2 the ritual of the reading and the act of the reading, putting faith into action, connects me in a way that I can feel my connection with Source on a deeper level than I often feel while moving through the mundane 3D illusion.

4. Connects me to “others”. (If you know me, you know I don’t believe really in “other”. I believe we are connected. But for the sake of 3D illusion as mentioned above 😉 “others” will suffice here…) I LOVE that the Tarot has connected me with so many like minded Soul friends and family. Maybe especially on Instagram. It really has expanded my own personal practice, seeing how others read and getting great advice from my friends. I also really love how it connects me to people in “non-social media” life. I enjoy getting to read for acquaintances and friends and expand my practice from just using it for myself. I enjoy getting to learn about people through Tarot and I enjoy hearing about what is going on in my friend’s lives and being able to provide viable solutions for their healing. To be honest, I haven’t felt confident generally when reading for others, but I am setting the intention here to work on that and to trust myself and my instincts and even more, to trust Spirit.

5. Brings healing. I love that Tarot brings healing. I find it offers me ways to heal myself and my life. For example, each month I do a chakra reading to find what is off balance in my chakras. There are other ways that I used to do this intuitively as well, but when I incorporate the cards, I can find which is the most efficient way to heal an imbalance, and what the imbalance is trying to communicate to me. Another example is that if I am feeling anything unpleasant, rather than stuffing it down into subconscious and avoiding it completely, I can use the cards to see the true nature of the feeling, what led to it, how to heal it, and how to either transform it or how to love myself and my brother even with the root of the feeling intact.

My Astrology Houses in Tarot

The 5 things I don’t like about Tarot are a bit harder to think on.

1. My RV doesn’t have enough room to store all the decks I’d like to hoard… I mean… HAVE… It really doesn’t, but I don’t think my pocketbook or my husband mind this as much as I do! And honestly, it gives me more of an opportunity to really connect with the decks I have currently!
2. When I don’t connect with a deck like I anticipated. Sometimes this happens. I get a deck I think I will love and totally suits me, and then I just can’t read with it in the same flow as I read with other decks. Bummer!

3. “RULES”. Every once in awhile I read somewhere that Tarot *HAS* to be done a certain way. We are each Spirit expressing Itself in a unique way, and we each connect in a unique way to Spirit. So I think really there are no rules. Take what you like and leave the rest! (I kind of just like to “life” like this in general…)

4. Explaining to muggles that Tarot isn’t evil. Maybe this is an opportunity. We all use signs and symbols as humans. It’s how we learn and how we compartmentalize and find patterns. That’s just a normal function of the human mind. People use all SORTS of things as clues as to what is the next best step, how to heal something, etc., but it seems that IMG_8801there’s a misconception that Tarot is more evil than their making a decision based on seeing a number on a billboard or following a “gut feeling”. To me personally, that is just not so. Source has provided all sorts of tools to reconnect us to Source energy and to remember our own Divinity. Tarot is one of my favorite tools for this. But like I say, maybe it is an opportunity to bring things to Light. After all, that is what “occult” is really about anyways: being cloaked, eclipsed, or hidden. So I guess this is a great opportunity to lift the veil.

5. That I don’t make enough space in my life to do Tarot all day long… but I would suppose that has more to do with “user error” than the Tarot itself…

Thank you for reading, and may your day be blessed and full of Sunshine!

Yours in Oneness <3 Freedom

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