I Will No Longer Use My Considerable Power to Miscreate

Lately, I have been using my talents to miscreate. Here’s how I know:

I am a person who believes through every fiber of my Be-ing that the Universe supports me. That it could never fail to support me. Because I did not create the Universe, and yet the Universe exists inside and outside myself via my 3rd dimensional perspective, and from all I see the Universe seeks to expand. universe.pngNow if what I seek I will find (which I also believe to be true), most assuredly the Universe, vast in knowledge and so all-encompassing and omniscient ESPECIALLY in comparison to this 3rd dimensional version of myself that does not always even comprehend other dimensions, SURELY what this Universe seeks, it will find. And the little wisdom I have gained while remembering my Source, shows me that the Universe DOES seek to expand. So it is only quite natural for me to expand as well. What happens when I hinder that expansion? For me, it looks a lot like depression and negative focus. Now, if I contemplate WHY an expansive Universe would provide things that appear as obstacles in my path and lay them at my feet, it seems to me logical from my particular viewpoint that by doing so will aid in my expansion, no matter what it appears like to me.

Foropportunities one, it may leave me standing in the kitchen at my mom’s house, 2000 miles away from my husband, from my usual routine, from my solitude and contemplation of nature and also the nature of the Universe, trying to figure out how so many seemingly negative things (by worldly standards) have been bombarding, not just my own little bubble I exist in (in this particular 3D separation illusion) but in the whole big bubble as well. The last straw today was what many would consider “small potatoes” but it was the thing that pushed me into the “when I thought I had serious work to do on myself it was only a tiny tip of the iceberg” zone. That thing was leaving my journal in a friend’s car- a journal that is now at a car shop, and will be difficult to retrieve because my car is ALSO in a car shop. SO I am standing there thinking about the things I would be writing in my journal at that moment. How did I get into such a negative patterned space? I get all the reasons the world would give me, even speaking energetically and that I am a super empath. I mean, I can understand others multitude of perspectives of this (as with many things), but I am quite the optimist, even while I dive deep into my shadows to “uncover, discover, and discard” (or integrate) the darker aspects of Self and/or psyche and/or belief systems.

Well, to me it signifies that as I am constantly asking the Universe for guidance, my truth in THIS particular scenario, is that the Universe is trying to give it to me. And I do not like projections.pnghow it is happening, but I can honestly say I have been asking for guidance and then pretty flat out following my ego’s agenda. So that is that. Then I have to ask myself, do I truly, TRULY believe the Universe is conspiring in my favor? Yes. I searched. And I search. And I am certain to search again. But I can say YES. I fully believe the Universe is conspiring in my favor. I cannot see anyway it could possibly be otherwise from my personal Source perspectacles. So, if it’s had to come to all of this to get my attention, what am I not hearing? How am I miscreating and projecting fear on such a ginormous scale right now, I ask myself? Well, for one, I believe the ego always miscreates. That is its function. It is the contrast to the reality of Love and it miscreates illusions. However, wherever I am and whatever I am doing, it is trying to move me back into the reality of Love and Oneness. That is what I continue to find over and over again on my journey.
I made a pact, maybe 6 months ago or so, to no longer follow my will, but to seek God’s will for my path (you can replace “God” with whatever suits you as comfortable here, but I mean it as the impetus behind everything- the thing that exists in every cell of everything, and all matter and all thought, etc.). This could also even be like Higher Self. In fact, I use my intuition to tap into this Source energy and to receive my messages and my Truth. Our intuition is perfect for this very thing. It also can be difficult to decipher and monitor when ego hijacks the intuition “phone line”, because at this point in our human experience, the ego becomes HABIT and will morph its way around sinuously until we become a bit befuddled by what is ego and what is Source. At least this is my experience. So that is why it is spiritual PRACTICE (until, ya know.. it’s not. Like attaining enlightenment or remembering Love fully and consistently. I’m not there yet, but when I get there I’ll do my best to let you know what it looks like when the practice part is done for this particular embodiment of spirit…). So anyways… my insight line feels a bit hijacked, or like I thought I was paying attention and wasn’t. Regardless, I made a pact and followed that pact with my WHOLE HEART (Ding! Ding! Ding! I bet that is a bit of the puzzle piece right there!) for awhile with great results. And it felt like I was living life as I was meant to in this realm. And I believe the Universe knows it is my true desire to get back there. So I stop in my mom’s kitchen and say, “Okay, what do I do next?” And I see my computer open and me typing in my mind’s eye, and hear an unspoken whisper say, “Write.”
Now here I am writing. I heard a couple of other things, and I am sure I can remember them when I have more practice. But one of the things I remember RIGHT THIS MINUTE is that I can perceive things as happening TO me or happening FOR me. I prefer the latter; it puts me in my true strength. But what’s more is that I BELIEVE it.

Yours in Oneness Freedom

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