I’m Growing Through Changes

How Are Things Growing Today?

I’m growing through changes… how about you? This is really no different than any other time I am growing & yet it feels all new yet again! Sometimes the lessons are lighter and softer… and sometimes they feel like daggers. Lately it’s a little of both, DEPENDING ON MY PERSPECTIVE of the day and which “perspectacles” I decided to wear! Today I have on my optimistic perspectacles. These are my FAVORITE ones, but one of the things I’m growing through these days (…again…) is learning to love and care for my other perspectacles as well -to hold them and to integrate them and to embrace the Universe within that I may also embrace the Universe without. This all being said, I often like to ask myself how things are growing today. If I ask myself how things are going, I sometimes let it slide as a surface question. (Well, let’s be real here- I don’t tend to have super surface-y conversations- not even with people I meet briefly…) However, if I ask how things are growing, my answer generally leans towards what I am learning, and if I am not in a GREAT spot, at least I can focus my attention towards the lessons and my growth. So now and then on this new blog here, or on my Instagram or Facebook, I may ask how things are growing. Please feel free to answer. And in this blog I intend to be real about how things are growing with me.
My intentions for this blog is firstly to have a place to share myself because I find when we share our true authentic self with others, it gives them the freedom to share themselves and to feel okay with themselves as well. Another intention for this new blog is to help illuminate some of the more esoteric and occult spiritual practices so that they are no longer hidden in the darkness as something to be feared. “It is the UNKNOWN we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more,” says my favorite character ever written by J.K. Rowling’s masterful hand. And many of these things are excellent spiritual tools that enable us to touch our intuition and inner guidance in a world that would distract us into being mere sheeple and consumers to feed corporate greed. But you, my friend, are pure light and spirit and the divine lives within you, and me, too! So I will do my best to shed light on many things and intend to do so through accounts of my own experiences as well as interviewing others to give a broad spectrum of perspectives on many subjects. Lastly, and the above mentioned things have to do with this as well, I intend to create. And right now the thing I am working on is a book entitled “Spiritual Creativity: A Seeker’s Guide”. So this is maybe an aside to that, or perhaps will segue into it. One of my favorite quotes is from another of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert, in her book “Big Magic”. She says, “Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” This is my intention here. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Yours in Oneness


(Putting this here since, ya know, this one’s mostly about my intentions…)

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