Honoring Cycles

There was a period of time when I lived in the middle of the mountains in Oregon in a 27 foot trailer with no electricity or running water, 20 minutes away from cellular service in Prospect, about 35 minutes away from Crater Lake… AND, if you’ve been connected with me here for awhile you know that because I talk about it a lot.

That’s because it taught me so much. And one of the things it taught me the most about are CYCLES.

I was thinking about this again today. In our society, we just don’t have or create the time to honor cycles.

When you’re in the situation described above, you HAVE to honor cycles. You watch nature and become one with it and you see and feel the very NATURAL cycles of this earth and all of the energy on it.

When we don’t honor the cycles, I’ve learned the cycles still happen and will force themselves upon us.

The stronger our resistance to the cycles, the more challenging they will become.

This is what I really think it means to “Go with the flow”.

But how do we do that when we live in such a hectic time and space?

I think one thing is going inward and looking deeply at ourselves. (That’s right… I’m talking about Shadow Work again here… lol)

When we go inward we can ride with the waves. We can observe where we are at and then follow along. Are we in a creative and innovative space? Honor it. Are we in a rest space? Honor it.

I think in our society the SECOND part is the real kicker. It has been for me. But lest we move into severe burnout, we HAVE to listen to ourselves. In a society rampant with mental health illness, we HAVE to listen to ourselves.

We have to learn to listen to our bodies.

There are outer ways of doing this if the inner chatter is going full force and our mid presents to much resistance. Some of these are:

Food: If we find it a challenge to eat intuitively, we can simple WATCH what we eat. Are we craving salt, sugar, bread? It might be time for some rest. Are we feeling the urge for fresh fruits and veggies? We might be in the flow of life, going strong. I’m not even suggesting you change anything here, just merely practice observing. What are you diving for when you’re stressed? Next time you dive for it, consider that you might really need some R&R.

Periods: This one is pretty obvious, but women… we have GOT to start resting during our natural time! (This is also a STRONG note to self lol) this is time to rest, recharge, and self-care like no one’s business! Love love love ourselves!

Moon Phases/Astrology: This is also obvious, but it does take time (a LOT) to learn. However, we can just start with the full moon and new moon and paying attention to those cycles. If you follow this blog, chances are that you already DO… lol

Numerology: This one I think is a HUGE help. We go through cycles of our lives based on numerology. Right now for example, I am in a FIVE year. This means I am working on change and growth and freedom and TEACHING. That’s right! It corresponds with the Hierophant as well, so it shows me what I’m growing through right now and what I need to do to honor myself and my path. You can total your year up by adding your birthday to the current year. Other people do it differently, but I start with my current birthday. So my last birthday was 12/16/2020. That means until 12/15/2020 I am in a YEAR 5. Find out your year and google it and honor your process!

Tarot: As you all know by now, I use tarot less to uncover the future, or about my love life, as I do to understand myself more deeply. Yup, shadow work. You can, too! Ask the Tarot or your favorite oracle deck what you can do to honor yourself each day, and not only will you be respecting your natural cycles, you will teach others around you that it’s safe for them to do so, too.

Really, that’s the best part of all of it. When we respect ourselves in this way, everything comes more easily to us, but the biggest joy is that we show others just by living by example, that they can make their lives easier as well. When we release resistance, we teach others how to as well. AND on top of it all, we fill up our own cup and make sure it’s full! This means we can pour all the extra onto others! Because we can’t pour from a dry cup.

When we honor our cycles, EVERYBODY wins! Because we are all connected, right?? So when we honor our cycles, we honor all the cycles! YAYYYYY!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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