What to Do?

Our society dictates that we put our primary focus onto WHAT we do. I get it… our families want us to be “successful” and financially stable, and certain jobs have been proven to bring in more money than others. I’m not even here to argue that but rather to say no matter what we do physically, it’s the HOW we do it that really matters.

I finally started feeling into the truth of this when I was nervous about my own job. The infamous Imposter Syndrome set in. It happens and it’s normal, but I like to figure out what realizations any uncomfortable feeling is there to teach me. And this was my, “AHA!”

All I actually have to do, on any given day, in any given situation is to be kind, be present, and help people to feel better by knowing they’re not alone. That’s it.

It really is that simple.

And the kicker is that it’s just what I do anyway. I’ve been doing it since I was born. And I primarily do it through teaching because it’s just natural.

The first people I taught were my peers in elementary school. And I just tried to show up with patience and kindness.

The thing is that we all have innate traits and we can express them anywhere we are, no matter what we’re doing.

Let’s say we’re in a job we don’t like, we don’t know what it is we want to do, and we aren’t sure what the next step to take would even look like.

I propose you start by thinking about, and making a list of, the things you just DO. The things you always do. The things you were born doing. And let’s actually throw the word “DO” out of the picture… yeah… that’s better… let’s replace it with BE.

What are the things that you just ARE? If you aren’t sure, who can you ask? You can also look up a list of personality traits online and see which ones are just inherent to you.

Then you can offer these traits without effort, without strain, in every moment that you are existing in with ease. Allow some time and as you begin to sink into your BEING-ness you should notice a subtle shift. Opportunities and ideas will open themselves up more readily to you because you are in a state of non-resistance. And it’s something you practice no matter what your current career is.

These kinds of energetic shifts can work in a big way & can help you shift into a new career, shift your perception of your current career, or allow the idea of something entirely new to spring forth!

This is by no means a new concept, however, it’s one of those truths that we just don’t get until we get it. But I’ve got some ideas now on HOW to “get it”.

Back to my, “AHA!” I realized in that moment I am already doing what I am supposed to do and it’s because of HOW I DO IT, not what I am doing. And that I am of service to the upliftment of our collective community JUST BY BEING me. We all have that power and that grace. So we can let go of things like perfectionistic ideas of what we “should be” doing, and remember that as long as we are willing to show up authentically and with the intention to let our natural gifts shine, we ARE in fact doing our “job” as earthlings.

Try not to worry so much, if only for one day, about WHAT you are doing and focus more on HOW you are doing it. Are you in alignment with your value system? Are you feeling good about your part? When things are in alignment within, we create space for outer alignment to mirror that internal dialogue.

Wrapping up, if nothing else resonated here, I hope this does: YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE CREATED BY GOD. Your unique talents and gifts were selected especially for you and you perform them wonderfully! It is SAFE to let your LIGHT SHINE! In fact, all of the world is waiting for it (and probably can already see it, even if you yourself DON’T)! YOU GOT THIS! And all you have to do is be beautiful YOU!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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