Aura-Soma and Reiki – ALL the Good Feels

Aura-Soma is a color system with SOUL AWAKENING potential. Reiki is an energetic transference that has the potential to heal the emotional and physical body. Combining the two adds extra depth and layers for clearing the auric field and bringing balance and alignment back to the subtle body.

Part of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium Extended Chakra Set

In Tibetan Heart Yoga (my favorite form of yogic practice) we focus on clearing the inner chambers so that the outer chambers can follow suit. Energetic, vibrational systems such as Aura-Soma, Reiki, crystals, and even sound healing, bring a similar balance in this type of way. I always envision it clearing out the gunk that’s in the innermost BEing so that the physical form can begin to align to a higher frequency as well.

All of these systems need not be complicated. While they are complex in their own right, for simplicity’s sake at their base form, both bring a soothing, calming, peaceful energy to both the practitioner and the client alike.

However, for those so inclined, there is a particular amount of depth that using these two systems in conjunction facilitates! It is really quite exciting! For one, both have the capacity to focus on and work with bringing balance to our chakra system.

Equilibrium Chakra Set

Aura-Soma has a chakra set and an extended chakra set. In my healing sessions, distance or in person, I am often inclined to use an Equilibrium bottle that brings focus to any chakras that need recalibration. Another thing I have a fondness for is setting up a “Colour Curium” of Equilibrium bottles below the massage table so that there is a collaborative effort with all of the chakras, promoting a higher sense of attunement overall.

Colour Curium

For those who are receiving a Reiki session in person, I also add another layer of cleansing the subtle fields with Aura-Soma’s Pomanders, Quintessences, and Archangelois. These all have a heavenly smell, and the ones that are used in the session are chosen intuitively based on the clients needs at the time. These work in the outer auric field and support balance and upliftment of a persons vibrational frequency. (Hint* I use them in my distance sessions as well, & while the ENERGY still benefits the client, I am the one who receives the pleasure of inhaling those decadent bouquets! 😆) As we close, I love to use the Polishing, Patting, and Combing technique to consolidate and reharmonize the subtle body.

Archangelois Spray for the subtle body

For the layman, I do lots of calming stuff with soothing music that all feels magical and relaxing! How fun is that?!

I hope this illuminates the way these systems work together to perform an overall attunement for alignment and wellbeing! Please feel free to submit any questions via comment or message! I appreciate your support and I hope this has been helpful to those who are curious about the other roles Aura-Soma can play in ones spiritual journey and self-love regimen! Of course, it is no substitute for an Aura-Soma consultation… but it is very versatile and adds such a decadent layer to the Reiki experience!

Because my sessions are by the hour, it is always possible to schedule a 2 hour session in which we do a consult and then move into reiki using the tools we’ve gathered from the consult! The possibilities are as endless as YOU, you magnificent, eternal Being, you!!!

With all of my love and gratitude, and in the deepest Spirit of Oneness🧡Freedom

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