Unconscious Blocks to Success

We all have ‘em! Invisible barriers to our dreams and desires…

Recently, I uncovered one of mine… I maybe had tasted a sliver of this before, but I was not ready to understand or heal it. But it came up recently, ready to be processed!

This subconscious barrier happened at a young age via things I was told, actions I witnessed, and emotions I felt. As I constructed this Tower around myself, the world outside of me replicated and confirmed that barrier the older I got… what we seek, we shall find!

For me, this blockade was the idea that if I succeed, people will become jealous, and then they will at best cut me out of their life and at worse be cruel… so it is much safer and I receive more connection if I play it small. You see, if I am invisible and/or I don’t go after my dreams, I become more lovable AND more relatable, or so I have believed until pretty recently!

This belief has mutated and spread itself out in so many aspects of my life! Even to things such as: my weight, my diet, my communication, my work, my mental health, my spirituality and connection to Source, my relationships… and the list goes on…

But as we age, as we work on ourselves, as we become determined to find those undermining culprits lodged deep within our neuropathways, we start to see the light!

This can happen in a variety of ways: straight up epiphanies, dreams, meditations, tarot, astral projection, through a friend, etc- but one of my MOST FAVORITE ways is with Aura Soma.

This system helps me to uncover these subconscious beliefs and to have a much deeper understanding of how they got there and what has made them stick. It helps me to see how those beliefs have kept me safe, but also free me up to see that I don’t need them anymore.

I could never understand the main role jealousy had played in my life, why certain influences from childhood stuck out more than others, and why I kept receiving messages about the necessity of looking at this particular aspect of humanity more deeply. Now I have much more clarity! And the next step is figuring out how to retire and rewire that belief system! Fortunately, the Equilibrium bottles assist me in finding balance and create a space for me to delve more deeply into my soul to illuminate my path!

What blocks have been showing up for you recently? How has this last full moon impacted their illumination and/or your breakthrough?

If you’re ready for some illumination into the subconscious, message me for a consultation! Our shadow work can be fun AND transformative!

You are so very loved!!!

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

PS photo above is from Aura Soma, tools for certified practitioners… thank you Aura Soma!!!

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