Root Chakra Meditation

Muladhara Chakra Meditation: Day 4
Holy cow! It’s day 4 already?! This week has flown by!
Honestly, this has been interesting for me. My last few days I have been around people. My husband has had off work. I really normally focus all my attention on those I am around until more recently when I have decided to start “working” (aka helping others via posts, meditations, learning, study, teaching, etc.). It is quite a challenge for me to focus on what I am wanting to accomplish while others are near me. I feel obliged, I suppose, to be ready for their every word, emotion, desires, etc. Isn’t that an interesting thing? That is a bit of a tangent I suppose, but maybe it’s valid here because it is something I am focused on understanding and working with. I focus best on my care and my work when I am alone in silence. That being said, meditation this week is helping me to actively work on this. BUT, it’s also why I start so late… when everyone else is asleep…😅
Tonight, I chose 4 crystals to work with: Dravite, Astrophyllite, Black Obsidian, and Lodestone (AKA Magnatite). The first two I chose instinctively and I know it’s because they are closely related about loving myself as I bring stuff to the surface for healing. Dravite is a Root and Heart stone, while Astrophyllite is an all chakra stone. I chose the Black Obsidian intuitively as well, as I was guided to it for this meditative journey. It is a Root stone that can be REALLY intense for healing work and bringing shadows to surface. Most obsidians are not quite as potent in the same way, but the “regular” variety here ought to be used a bit with caution until you know how it works with you, and for short periods of time. It is also an EXCELLENT stone for cutting cords. I would have stopped here with the crystals, but I love the grounding and balancing of the Lodestone and it is one of my daily go-to meditation stones. It also works on the Root, so I felt it was an apropos choice.
The mantra I used was Lam. I also pulled in my Mula Bhanda. This is something I am just learning about that is pretty cool. I did my best to hold in this area in order to really engage my muladhara chakra. I read to hold in as if you were trying not to pee, or for girls, like you are trying not to bleed all over the place on your period. Easy enough to understand and begin to practice, but I found it much more difficult to hold. I have my fireplace going and could feel the fire rising up inside me as I chanted and held my position.
Today in relation to this chakra work, I had juice that contained roots such as beets and carrots. I also went to the gym again and exercised for about an hour or so.
Tomorrow, intend to wear red, and make conscious choices to eat Root inspired food. I also think I may go dancing!
Back to the meditation: I could see my muladhara chakra stronger than ever. I had many deep personal experiences. I felt unequipped to help others as I worked on myself and was shown with extreme clarity that this is not the case. That is because i not really the healer but my body and consciousness is just the facilitator of the healing. I connect with Christ Consciousness to do this work, and it is the most loving, gentle energy I’ve ever felt. One of the ways I know it’s this energy and not the ego’s, is because of this extreme compassionate wisdom that resonates so clearly yet softly with it. I was also told that I need not ever be worried I will not receive help. All of these abilities to heal are also mine, because we are all One. When I remember AT-ONE-MENT, I realize that I can help be a facilitator because I am not separate in the body or consciousness. This was really helpful. I also saw many light streams off of me in varying colors. They were emanating from different sections of my body to certain people with specific healing color vibrations. I used to not realize I do this. Sometimes I still do not. But even before I began meditating for others, sometimes I would see and feel specific colored energy streaming off of me to various people around the globe without me even being conscious of it. I mean… I would BECOME conscious of it. This is why I can share this energy without ever getting drained: because I am the facilitator of the healing energy. I ask, “Lord, make me a channel of Thy peace.” Anyone can actually do this. I do not believe they have to identify most closely with Christ Consciousness in order to do this either, it is just how I best connect to Source.
I meditated for my regular 33 minutes. I would lose focus and return, lose focus and return. It is all a part of the movement, of the growth. I cleared out my chakras and my emotional body. My chakras were POPPIN like WHOA! Just spinning so on point! There were things to be healed in the emotional body and I did that work. I asked that all those who would like this work to be done for them and who have asked (the Universe, me, whomever…) receive. I trust that when we ask we receive, and right away. I became this brightest white ball of light I’ve ever seen for a hot second, and I knew it was done. And so it is.
Thank you all so much for joining me on my healing journey! I am truly, truly grateful for you and to be able to facilitate this work!
If you have missed my other posts about Muladhara chakra, please find me on Instagram @freedom_awakening or on FB Freedom Vidrine or Freedom Awakening Creative Healing Solutions.
Yours in Oneness❤️Freedom
PS Tonight while I sleep, I will be snuggling a combo of Dravite, Ruby Fuchite, and Rhodonite. These all focus on the Root and Heart both, although by calling different elements to their aid. I am going to utilize this in sleep to integrate and bring in more self-love and self-care. I am not using the Apophyllite because I rarely get any actual sleep with that! Lol! I’m always running around different dimensions and stuff then! I slept with the Dravite last night and it was so incredibly helpful! Looking forward to tonight’s dreaming! Xoxoxox

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