Autumnal Equinox Tarot Spread

I love ritual before diving into the reading. I kinda like to make sure I don’t become so attached to ritual that I forget the purpose and/or ability to read (like it becomes hard to do without ritual), but I particularly feel opening ceremonies really get the tarot mojo going. Here’s a picture of that before we dive into the reading!



1. Prepare, my Love. Prepare. What can I prepare for during the shorter days of fall and winter? Eight of Coins

2. Let go, my Love. Let go. What can I let go of that will aid me in these preparations? Seven of Coins

3. Balance, my Love. Balance. What can I balance that will aid me in these preparations? Two of Coins & 6 of Staffs

4. Gratitude, my Love. Gratitude. What can I remember to be grateful for during this preparatory time? Knight of Coins

5. Heal, my Love. Heal. What will I heal during the upcoming introspective and restorative period? Ace of Coins


1. Preparation: Eight of Coins… HOLY COW. HOLY FRIGGEN COW. So last night when I was preparing the intention and how I wanted to created my crystal grid for the time ahead, I said… “maybe I should also display a Coin card… 7 of Coins… no no… More like 8 OF COINS… perhhhappps 9 because its the end of 8… the completion of it… definitely 8 or 9. I’ll have to think about it or ask in meditation…”

And here it is. This isn’t a time to be lazy at my craft, but rather to hone it. Develop my skills, take pride in my work, and produce the energy that will achieve the desired results. This is about creativity, and the ability to put that creativity into productive action. The rewards will reflect my commitment and dedication to my craft.

2. Let Go: 7 of Coins

This is funny not just in its specific meaning, but also in that the 7 comes directly 8, just in general. I must let go of the 7 to move forward.

So what is the 7 of Coins telling me to let go of? Waiting. I need to let go of waiting. For me specifically, I’ve been honing my craft for years, always saying to myself, “I haven’t learned enough to help others… I don’t have enough knowledge to help others. But this is a bunch of hooey. Just BS. (A belief system… and an erroneous one.) I help people daily. Not saying that to brag, its just a fact. Sometimes in small ways,

sometimes in big ways. But I already share my craft with “others”. Just not in the energy exchange of “my energy” for “money”. It might be “my energy” for “experience”. I might receive another type of energy back from what I put out. Sometimes its “my energy” for “other’s energy”. It’s just not yet that I share my craft (my tarot, my healing capabilities, my acquired knowledge… etc.) for the vibrational energy that goes by “money”.
This is an extremely limiting belief.
And it is no longer time to sit idly by waiting for the fruit to grow. It is time to take thought out, focused action in order to grow the fruit, in order to harvest it.

3. Balance: 2 cards came out for me- 2 of Coins and 6 of Staffs

2 of Coins: I take this card literally a bit, as it is LITERALLY about balance in traditional decks. This particular guy is foreboding to me a bit.
Since I drew him first and flipped him over first, I was a bit concerned it meant to NOT flip over the extra card I had intuited to draw with this one.I need to balance my time and energy, I know, but ALSO I need to balance my BS about money.

What are my blocks to money energy flowing in? Belief Systems, ideas of “I’m not mentally stable enough,” and ideas of “I’m not talented enough”: these are probably my largest obstacles. They aren’t really true. The one that comes closest to the truth is, “I’m not mentally stable enough.” I’m not mentally stable enough to muggle perhaps… but I am mentally stable enough to fulfill my Divine Life Purpose.

6 of Staffs: Glad I stayed with my gut on this one as it is also the card I drew today for “How may I be of service.”

I need to be sure to balance my mind in remembering that I need the support of others, as grand as things seem from atop the horse. I need to use my success in helpfulness and servitude to others, having an open exchange of give and take. Also, things will be successful and joyous, as all the cards suggest- mind that I am balancing home and work life, and taking care of those who need me as well.

4. Gratitude: Knight of Coins

I take this card in 2 ways. Firstly, be grateful for the financial abundance I have and that will continue to be coming in.
The SECOND has more to do with my husband and our relationship. Whenever I do a reading about Scooter’s and my relationship, the Knight of Coins comes up at some point in the spread every.single.time. For years. It doesn’t matter the deck I’m using, the questions I’m asking, etc. It comes up. So I think it’s also saying to be grateful for my relationship.

Looking at this particular book that accompanies the deck I find the description to almost BE that of my husband… And it totally just made me LOL…

“…he represents a steadfast, calm, and determined friend who will be on hand whatever the situation. He is engaged and firmly grounded in the world, making him an important ally. He can be extremely practical, checking every detail before making a move.”

And just to add a fun fact here… Scooter is a LIBRA.

5. Heal: I will heal any resistance to the new beginnings of my endeavors and to the spiritual abundance and financial prosperity on its way in. I, like many I know, do have some resistance to being “wealthy”. Having enough to get by is no issue, really. I always know I have “enough”. Even enough to share with others. But I do harbor a very negative view of full on wealth. And the thing is that it isn’t necessary. That belief doesn’t make me more pious or humble or even, shocking as it may seem, less able to fit a camel through the eye of a needle. In fact, I could share a lot with others. I was thinking about this the other night.

Every day this week, as in debt as we are, we bought someone food or gave someone money, or spent our time helping someone. Literally every day this week Scooter and I gave out money in some form to someone other than ourselves. We’ve also received money as gifts. And we’ve received food as gifts.

I don’t say the aforementioned in a haughty fashion, but the thought somehow lit up my brain like a lightening bolt, and I was shocked I had never even THOUGHT of it.

“If we already give to others, why on MAMA GAYA would I for a moment make it part of my belief system that we wouldn’t continue to give??? And even more generously???”

It had become SUCH a habit to belief that “wealthy=selfish” I could not even see that this belief existed in me. That belief doesn’t even make sense. Tons of people have plenty of money and give it out like candy. And they just keep getting more and giving more out. THIS I know. I know I know this because one of the reasons I don’t tend to worry about scraping by is because I figure since I give it out, it comes back. I out out energy and it comes back. Yet somehow my conditioned brain thought: “it doesn’t work like that for the wealthy…” without my even realizing it. And as I finish up this tangent that no longer has a lot to do with this reading and the Ace of Coins, let me say that, sure, it is possible to be wealthy and stuck in the world and ego and greed and all that jazz, but it is also possible for someone with less financially to be just as “of the world”.

I can be in the world, but not of it.

This is what I will heal- Nay! What is being healed NOW.

Yours in Oneness❤️Freedom


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