Mexi-can’t Get Enough of This!

I’ve been craving Mexican food lately, but my “tortilla chips” for my nachos aren’t dehydrated yet. I had “meat sauce” and “cheese” from my pasta leftover, but I didn’t feel like Italian again. So this concoction was invented!

I laid out the pasta sauce (see earlier post) and sprinkled a bit of chipotle chili powder on it. I cut up onions, small bell peppers, carrots, sweet corn and spinach as my vegetables. I added spicy sprouted pumpkin seeds. I used the cheese from the earlier recipe and made guacamole.

Guac recipe:

•1 avocado

•1/2 tomato (seeded)

•couple tbsp cilantro or so

•bit of chopped jalapeño (remember the heat is in the pith & use to taste)

•pinch-ish of Himalayan Sea Salt

•3 cloves crushed garlic (I can never get enough garlic!)

•1/2 lime (roll around a bit before cutting in order to get the most juice out)

Mix it all together. Give gratitude to Mama Gaya and the plants before you for the delicious meal you are about to inhale (or chew thoughtfully… yeah… that’s what I meant… chew thoughtfully…) Enjoy!

Yours in Oneness❤️Freedom

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