Meaty Cheezy Spaghetti

I’m Ohm! I’m Ohm! I’m Ohm!
We’ve been back to our RV for maybe a week, but I’ve been in town taking care of family, etc, and only JUST had a day to myself at home! OH.MY.GOSH y’all! I really need to up my game of how to do raw on the road. After the first week, I caved to processed vegan food… it progressively got worse, culminating in a night at the vegan food truck having a mac & cheese burger with fries. Here are the things I noticed in that 2 week span: depletion of energy, less natural physical immunity (feeling “sick”), less water consumption, grouchiness & irritability, less focus, increased self-doubt, increased food cravings, feeling like I “need” to eat more- even after having a full meal, and of course, a few pounds of weight gain. This is the thing y’all: I love myself MORE THAN PROCESSED FOOD. I want to remember that! Today I had time to prepare myself the most deliciously satisfying raw vegan meal and it is the BEST DAY EVER!!!
I’ve never been great at writing recipes but I’ll give it a go:
•zucchini noodles
•sunflower sprouts
•(not pictured because I added it when I had sauce left) sweet corn
•sun-dried tomatoes
•2 tomatoes
•1/4 cup or so of red bell pepper
•4 cloves garlic
•1/2ish cup of walnuts (Please not i didn’t use measuring cup so just guess like a dash or two or three😂😅)
•Braggs Liquid aminos (not raw)
•Flax seeds and Flax seed oil

•crushed red pepper
•Himalayan Sea salt
•black pepper
•NOOCH (don’t think this is raw but have read mixed statements- IS vegan)
•Italian dried herb blend
•fennel seed
(Maybe could have used a bit of onion, looking back)
•1/2ish cup cashews
•1/2ish lemon
•Himalayan Sea Salt •black pepper
Love y’all!!!

Yours in Oneness❤️Freedom

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