A Little Ditty About…

Freedom Vidrine (…& her awakening!)

The very first section of my life started off pretty rough I am told- by others, by family, and by myself. I think I’ve been perceiving this story a bit different as I get older, and at the very least I am super grateful for my beginnings because only my beginnings could lead me  to where I am now.

Drinking water from the hose was a favorite pastime!

Briefly, I was raised in Austin, TX, and I lived there until my early 30’s. When I was young my hero was Jesus, and it was my desire to be Christ more so than, say, a movie star. (As a side note, two of my very best friends ever were Stacey California and Stacey California Jeff, and like me, they lived in an attic with their Grandmother. Well, I didn’t live in an attic, but I did live with my Grandmother (Grandparents to be exact)… Oh… and to the best of my knowledge, I am not imaginary… although that could certainly be argued… and this is something I want to dive deep into right now but will resist the urge here in this particular blog.) Anyhow, after having it drilled into me that only Christ could be the Son of God and all that kind of, for a lack of a better word, “fundamental” jazz, I really wanted to help homeless people, people with mental disorders, and alcoholism and drug addiction. Fortunately for me, we live in a Universe that gives us what we want, and what I wanted was to really understand people’s suffering so that I could genuinely help. Needless to say, I spent most of my youth (from maybe 11-12 until I got sober on February 8th, 2008) learning all about what it was like to be an atheist or sometimes agnostic who suffered from alcoholism, drug addiction, bipolar disorder, severe PTSD, and OCD, and oftentimes this rendered me quite the couch surfer. So I am super happy to tell you that I am now WELL qualified to help others who need an ear to hear, a shoulder to cry on, or someone just willing to sit for a couple of hours and hold space for others, and when asked for it (and, yeah, sometimes unsolicited but I’m working on that) advice.


This all brings me to the awakening bit which is the crown jewel of the whole ditty! I have had many awakenings since 2008, some super powerful and some in small increments. But every lesson is a pearl, and each layer I pull back, the more I uncover about myself, the Universe and the Divine. I spend more time these days in gratitude, awe, and wonder then I ever dreamed possible. Every day I learn and I grow and I love. Every day provides blessings, and my perspective determines how many I can bear witness to. On my best days, I can see the divinely interwoven dance- a design that has clarity, makes sense, and how everything is LOVE itself, even if by worldly standards that day may be accused of being bleak. On my worst days, I can still find something to be grateful for, and I have the strength to cry and to follow my emotion to the place within me that needs healing- and this is where I find my Joy and my Strength and my Power and my Love and my Self. I have seen my Light body and I know the truth of the statement, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” I am here to remember love, to help others to remember love, and to push through the fear illusion to see the truth that rests in love.


So that’s maybe the most important stuff about me and my journey thus far, generally speaking. My interests include RV living, which I had been doing for the last 5 years with my best friend and husband, Scooter, and our 3 dogs, Sweet Pea, Bellatrix, and Padfoot. 84D974D1-9BCE-4FA7-B03B-ADC0BAD679BF(The last 2 names give huge insight into a couple of other interests, like reading and my most favorite book series always.) I like exploring new places. I love travel, hiking, photography, arts & crafts of all sorts, birding, mushrooms, narwhals, eating vegan, living in secluded mountain forests, singing, song writing, playing on my ukulele, tarot reading, crystals, meditation, A Course in Miracles, journaling, doodling, going inwards, questioning everything, healing “bodily” conditions by healing the mind, holistic healing, recycling, connecting with like minded folks, helping others, comforting others, and maybe my favorite thing is DREAMING and all the things around dreaming like dream reentry, astral projection, talking to spirit guides, lucid dreaming, and dream interpretation- often using the tarot.

The last few months we have briefly abandoned our RV lifestyle to stay at my grandmother’s and care for her in Austin, as she has dementia and does not want to move. Also, Sweet Pea passed at the ripe old age of 15 years old! Right now our life is filled with a whole new adventure, and that is good, too! For every time there is a purpose!

Thank you for accompanying me on my journey here! I am really excited about where my path is leading, and I feel honored to resonate with any of you on our paths, which I believe all lead to Oneness, to Love, to Om.

Yours in Oneness 🧡 Freedom


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