Powerful Manifestor

I was contemplating the other day exactly HOW friggen cool it was that ALL of my dreams have been manifesting into reality. I mean. It is AWESOME AF.

I shot forward in time & was excited about how amazing the future I am going to manifest will be… I mean… I can barely believe THIS is my life, & I am JUST a baby seed growing!

Next on this swift Vision Quest of sorts, I was pulled back into other periods of my life where I was manifesting (usually with not so great outcomes…).

It was like a montage of images.

The first one, & the one which was MOST pronounced, was walking into a store to drop off my resume, & being asked by someone if I wanted to come hang for awhile in the break room where everyone was watching a movie and getting sloppy drunk… IT WAS MY DREAM COME TRUE! I LOVED that job!

Even as a consistently inebriated human…  I was manifesting EXACTLY what I wanted. I just had NO CLUE at the time.

Now, that kind of all went up in flames… as you could expect a predominately intoxicated sales staff of a store might do… BUT actually by then, I had manifested a NEW job.

(BTW a LOT of the montage had to do with jobs, specifically, I suppose it’s because that is a lot of what the Universe & I were discussing at the time…)

Back to now, I have seriously the World’s Coolest Human EVER as a fiancé. His family is the COOLEST, too. My business is picking up already. I am living in a house that I love. I BF861231-0138-44CE-9879-43CF60B71252get to travel all over. I have the most AMAZING dogs. My health is coming into shape, & most days I have energy & stable moods & that is TOTALLY without medication. I eat the best food on the planet. I have plenty of fresh drinking water. I get to WRITE every day. I am gifted the HONOR of helping people for a living every day. I have a beautiful yard, filled with beautiful herbs & flowers & bees & bugs & birds. I feel safe & cozy in my skin & in my home. Every day is an adventure. I am exploring new passions. DID I MENTION THE BEST FIANCÉ EVERRRR???????? (‘Cause that’s the Cream of the Crop!)


And here is what I was reminded of on this journey backwards & forwards through time:

I have ALWAYS been a powerful manifestor. Always.

It was just a matter of what I was manifesting.

Anything I have ever wanted to do or create- I have done it.

And I had to ask myself: “Why, oh, WHY, my dear, sweet Freedom, do you ever let that little head of yours fill with any doubts at all?”

Because the thing is, that we manifest the “good” in our life, yes, but we often won’t take responsibility when we manifest what we consider “bad”.

Don’t get me wrong, here, I am WAY not into advocating or saying, “oh I MANIFESTED this crippling bipolar disorder…” (I’ve done it BEFORE, & y’all… anyone who is trying to sell you that is… well… let’s just say I am STRONGLY opinionated about that…)

What I AM saying is that WHAT WE DO with some of the things we’re handed, & how we PERCEIVE them, & how we MOVE THROUGH LIFE DESPITE OF THEM… that, thank GOD, is in our power.

That has been EVERYTHING to me.

To make my best life using my perceived limitation as my BIGGEST STRENGTH.

I have ALWAYS been powerful. I have ALWAYS been capable.

But at one point, all I thought I was capable of was getting drunk at a retail store.

I thought it was all I was DESERVING of.

And it was the best, I thought then, that it could get for me.


And make no mistake… it was also about the people, lifestyle, & places that came with it… JUST AS MUCH as it is NOW about the people, lifestyle, & places that come with my “job” (aka life’s purpose).

(I still am in contact with many of those people, in fact, and I love them all dearly. And we are all manifesting new and SUPER INCREDIBLE paths! I am so proud of ALL of us!)

Wherever we are on our current life’s path, & wherever that trajectory is taking us… I do believe it is the right one, at the right moment, to teach us the lessons we wanted to learn for this lifetime.

I also believe that each of us is JUST AS POWERFUL of a creator as the ALL that lives inside each one of us!

What will you do with such incredible power? What beautiful life are you creating, or are ready to create?

Because what we have really isn’t that past OR the future.

What we have is the Eternal NOW.

Yours in Oneness🧡Freedom

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